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Our undergraduate, as well as postgraduate research students are exposed to the latest, tried-and-true methodologies and technologies available for crop, pasture, and - more recently - livestock management.

Undergraduate Study

UNE's Bachelor of Agriculture now offers a Technology major, where students study units focusing on remote sensing, photogrammetry, global positioning systems, surveying, modern software development, machine guidance systems, soil sensors, economics and adoption of Precision Agriculture.

Course details for Bachelor of Agriculture

PA335 Precision Agriculture

This unit of study draws on new knowledge emerging our own research here in UNE-PARG as well as from an extensive national and international network of collaborators and like-minded colleagues who regularly provide information as it comes 'on-tap'. Technologies and techniques such as controlled traffic, variable rate applications technology (VRT), Precision livestock management including remote pasture assessment tools and GNSS livestock tracking join some of the more recognizable technologies such as yield monitoring, remote and proximal sensing and soil survey techniques to be discussed in this course.

In addition to proving updates on some of the latest technologies we also discuss why recent consultancy reports still put the adoption of precision agriculture (PA) in Australia at under 20%, despite overwhelming economic evidence of the benefits. The grains industry continues to lead in the adoption of PA, with help from its old friend viticulture, but there is growing interest and activity in the vegetable and livestock sectors.

And don't forget, the growing role of PA in land management, as after all considerations of sustainability must include both public and private lands. PA has a big role to play in issues of soil health and land-use from the perspective of biomass and carbon and this is also discussed in PA335 Precision Agriculture.

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Postgraduate Study and Scholarships

UNE offers Australia's only Graduate Certificate and Master of Science degree dedicated to Precision Agriculture.

Master of Science (Precision Agriculture)

The Master of Science (MSc) is a program that provides independent, supervised research for high calibre graduates who are seeking to make an advanced contribution to scholarship and mastery of a scientific field of knowledge.

PhD (Precision Agriculture)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) provides the framework for the University's highest award, undertaken with supervised and independent research.

We offer opportunities for graduate students from all academic backgrounds to undertake PhD projects in precision agriculture.  If you are a graduate of our Bachelor of Science who has completed a major in Animal Science and Veterinary Studies and/or Applied Physics and/or Computational Science together with some units in agronomy and/or soil science and/or natural resources management  or if you are a graduate in computing science, ICT, sensor networks, drones, engineering, mathematics, statistics, agronomy, plant and animal science, physics, chemistry, biology, law, social science, economics, natural resources management and business — just to name a few — then precision agriculture needs you!

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Scholarship Opportunities in Precision Agriculture

The Precision Agriculture Research Group (PARG) is looking for Masters and PhD students wishing to undertake projects in each of the theme areas.

Please contact the respective theme leaders to discuss project and funding opportunities.

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