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Professor Iain Young

Research & Development

Our current projects includes research into livestock, crop management, climate and robotics

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Study Opportunities

UNE offers Australia's only Master of Science degree dedicated to Precision Agriculture

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Agriculture is way too important to be a single discipline. The future of agriculture demands the latest in science, technology and mathematics to underpin innovations in plant and animal production.
- Prof. David Lamb

Established in 2002, the Precision Agriculture Research Group (PARG) develops new technologies that address current challenges in agriculture, horticulture and natural resource management using expertise from a range of fields.

PARG is a multidisciplinary group of researchers developing innovative, low cost and accessible technology for industry and farmers. PARG uses the latest sensors and positioning technology to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

Research themes and current projects

The Precision Agriculture Research Group finds ways to integrate technology with farming practices to achieve optimal production.

SMART Farms - Plant, Soil, Climate Sensing

Precision Livestock Management

Remote Sensing for Crop, Pest and Disease Management

Intelligent and Autonomous Systems

Healthy Agricultural Environments

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Key research partnerships

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