In Memory of Dr Paul Brock

Dr Paul Brock died on Good Friday 2016 after suffering Motor Neurone Disease for the past 20 years. Paul referred to MND as that ‘bloody mongrel disease’. Clearly he never lost his sense of humour and was one of the most generous people that anyone could hope to meet.
Paul was an outstanding scholar and well known in education circles across Australia and in particular NSW. He completed his Dip Ed (1977) and PhD (1985) at UNE and later undertook teaching duties here in English education and after leaving became a Honorary Research Fellow. He held significant educational roles at the state and national levels. During his 47 year career Paul was dedicated to teaching and research and undertook roles such as: school teacher, deputy principal, academic, senior executive officer, an author, editor and highly regarded public speaker.
In his final capacity as the Director of Learning and Development Research in the Office of the NSW Director General of Education he opened the 2012 NSW Council of Dean’s of Education annual conference held at UNE via a video link as he was to ill to travel to Armidale. His address is appended as a tribute and acknowledgement of the depth of his understanding of educational issues that can only come from a life of dedication and commitment to enhancing education for all.
Dr Paul Brock was a truly outstanding educator.

Dr Paul Brock's Keynote Address, NSW Council of Deans of Education 2012 Conference