The state of play for Adult Education courses at UNE and other Australian Universities

A School of Education Seminar presented on May 5th, 2016 by Dr Eryn Thomas

Recent research shows several Australian universities, including UNE, have ceased longstanding adult educator courses, with more at risk of shutting down in the future. An examination of this issue is timely for the UNE School of Education in order to maintain the remaining adult educator program/s; as well as to ascertain the viability and potential of and then inform the development of any future adult educator programs here. This seminar presents some early findings of a research project examining changes and continuity within adult educator programs at Australian Universities. The project employed structured interviews with experienced academics involved with both continuing and ceased programs as well as an industry stakeholder. Analysis focused on identifying factors for program cessation and continuity, as well as looking for new directions in adult learning. The project is the first stage of a wider project that seeks to map the field of adult educators in Australia, where they are working and what their professional development, educational and qualification needs are and might be in coming years. A desired outcome of this extended research is to help inform UNE and other Australian universities and industry partners on future design, structure and marketing of university based adult educator programs.



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