The African Association organises a 'welcome to the New England region'

On Friday 8th April 2016, the African Association of New England organised a “Welcome to  the New England region”  for new arrivals in the Armidale Region.
About 90 staff and students attended the breakfast event sponsored by funds from the Armidale Dumaresq Council. The chief guest was the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Agriculture and Water resources, Federal Member for New England Hon Barnaby Joyce accompanied by the State Member for the Northern Tablelands Hon Adam Marshall. Virgin Pattingale represented the Vice Chancellor Professor Annabelle Duncan. Dr Mutuota Kigotho, President of the African association gave the Acknowledgement of Country and presided over the event. Dele Ogunlola Oyedele, Secretary to the African association gave the two chief guests a token of appreciation each. There were numerous photographs taken at the event. Overall it was a joyous occasion.