Karl Marx’s Paradigm and Australian Educational Research

A School of Education seminar presented on February 10th, 2016 by Dr Kelvin McQueen

Don’t just interpret the world – change it!
That was Karl Marx’s challenge to working people everywhere, including educators. But what else was Marx on about and how can his methodological paradigm be applied to educational research?
Dr Kelvin McQueen will attempt to explain Marx’s dangerous ideas in this seminar and provide examples of the application in Australia of those ideas in educational research across the last 40 years.
Marx’s assumptions about materialism, humanism, historicism and class struggle will be explored and five points proposed for a Marxist way of studying education.
The work of Australian scholars of education using this paradigm will be presented briefly, including Raewyn Connell, Kevin Harris, Kelvin McQueen & Scott Poynting, Mary Kalantzis & Bill Cope, Helen Raduntz, Tom Griffiths, and Grant Banfield.



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