Head of School and Professional Staff

Sujana Adapa Head of School (Interim)
Stuart Mounter Deputy Head of School
Sharon Styles Executive Officer
Alyssa Lincoln Senior Resource Officer
Ian Beissel Finance and Projects Officer
John Schuman Resources and Projects Officer
Jane Kelly Administrative Officer 
Jamie-Lee Faulkner Administrative Assistant (Management)
Alisa GrayAdministrative Assistant (Accounting & Finance)
Oscar Cacho Chair of Research and Research Training Committee
Subba Reddy Yarram Acting HDR Coordinator
Leopold Bayerlein Convenor of Teaching and Learning
Melissa LangenbakerAcademic Coordinator
Samantha GuestOn Maternity Leave until June 2021
Llara Smith Educational Support Officer
Nola Holmes First Year Advisor

Accounting and Finance

Leopold Bayerlein Senior Lecturer
Gabriel Donleavy Professor 
Omar Al Farooque Associate Professor - Accounting
Brent Gregory Lecturer
Ashfaq Khan Senior Lecturer
Bernice KoteyProfessor
Robyn Marshall Lecturer
Supawadee MossLecturer
Kamaljeet Sandhu Senior Lecturer
Subba Reddy Yarram Senior Lecturer

Accounting and Finance Emeritus Professors and Adjunct Staff

Mona Abou Taleb Adjunct Lecturer
Patrick Hutchinson Emeritus Professor
Adjunct Associate Lecturer

Agribusiness and Economics

Derek Baker Professor
Oscar Cacho Professor
George ChenAssociate Professor
David Hadley Senior Lecturer
Nam HoangAssociate Professor -
Discipline Convenor and Course Coordinator
Shawn LeuSenior Lecturer
L. Emilio Morales Senior Lecturer
Jonathan Moss Lecturer
Stuart Mounter Associate Professor
Tony Ramsay Lecturer
Rene Villano Professor

Agribusiness and Economics Emeritus Professors and Adjunct Staff

Brian DolleryAdjunct Professor
Jock Anderson Emeritus Professor
George Battese Adjunct Professor
Arief Daryanto Adjunct Professor
Peter Drake Emeritus Professor
Euan Fleming Emeritus Professor
Ron Gates Emeritus Professor
David Godden Adjunct Associate Professor
Garry Griffith Adjunct Professor
Amarjit Kaur Emeritus Professor
Mahinda SiriwardanaAdjunct Professor
Michael Kortt Adjunct Associate Professor
Christopher Lloyd Emeritus Professor
Rui Domingos Ribeiro Cunha Marques Adjunct Professor
Warren Musgrave Emeritus Professor
Gemma Perez Lopez Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
John Pullen Adjunct Associate Professor
Phil Simmons Adjunct Associate Professor
Ian Tiley Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Malcolm Treadgold Emeritus Professor
Simone Valle de Souza Adjunct Lecturer
Christie ChangAdjunct Associate Professor


Sujana Adapa Associate Professor
Simon Burgess Lecturer
Valerie Dalton Lecturer
Subas Dhakal
Senior Lecturer, Discipline Convenor and Course Coordinator
Aaron Driver Lecturer
Josie Fisher Associate Professor
Lucie NewsomeLecturer
Denise Palmer Associate Lecturer

Management Emeritus Professors and Adjunct Staff

Alison SheridanAdjunct Professor
Ray Cooksey Emeritus Professor
Roger Epworth Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Peter Fieger Adjunct Associate Professor
Peter McClenaghanAdjunct Senior Lecturer
Leopoldo Gutiérrez Gutiérrez Adjunct Associate Professor
Keith Houghton Adjunct Professor
Chris Hancock Adjunct Associate Professor
Josie FisherAdjunct Associate Professor
Jens Hansen Adjunct Associate Professor
Kay Harman Adjunct Professor
Muayyad Jabri Adjunct Professor
Grace Lynch Adjunct Professor
John Rice Adjunct Professor 
Jennifer Rindfleish Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Victor Wright  Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Staff

Muhammad Masood Azeem Postdoctoral Fellow
Heather BurrowProfessorial Research Fellow
Susie Hester  Senior Research Fellow
Manu Saunders Postdoctoral Research Fellow