Dr George S Chen

Senior Lecturer , Macroeconomics - UNE Business School

George S Chen

Phone: +61 2 6773 3595

Email: george.chen@une.edu.au


My current teaching commitments include Introductory Macroeconomics, Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues, and Economics of Development.  Prior to my academic career, I worked as a quantitative analyst in investment banking.  With this background, I have always embedded topical issues in my teaching curriculum to enhance student learning and experience.  Since joining UNE in 2010, my teaching excellence was recognised by multiple Unit Monitoring Commendations.  My research focuses on energy economics, regional science, and economic development, and appeared in leading peer-reviewed journals, including Energy Economics. Higher Education, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, China Economic Review, and Small Business Economics, among others.


BEc(Hon), MA, PhD (Monash)


Teaching Areas

ECON102 Introductory Macroeconomics

ECON311 Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues

ECON390/590 Economics of Development

Research Interests

Energy Economics; Regional Science; Applied Macroeconometrics; The Chinese Economy

Research Supervision Experience

HDR completions

Uddin, M., Ph.D. Thesis: Re-examining the Environmental Kuznets Curve (Candidature confirmed in October 2017).  Principal Supervisor.

Kennedy, T., PhD (2018) Thesis: Essays on Australian Income Inequality (2018 Job Placement: J.P. Morgan, Sydney).  Principal Supervisor.

Hien Hoang, PhD (2017) Thesis: Foreign Direct Investment and New Economic Geography: Evidence from Vietnam (2017 Placement: Assistant Professor, Duy Tan University, Vietnam).  Principal Supervisor.

Carol Matchett, MPhil (2017) Thesis: The Relationship between Company Size and Effective Tax Rates: Evidence from Australian Companies (2017 Placement: Assistant Professor, Australian Taxation Office, Brisbane).  Principal Supervisor.

Yao Yao, PhD (2016) Thesis: Urban Economic Development in China: The Role of Foreign Direct Investment (2016 Placement: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, City University of Hong Kong).  Co-Supervisor.

Scott Harrison, PhD (2015) Thesis: Microeconometric Analysis of the Relationships between Early Alert Systems and Student Retention (2015 Placement: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Siegen, Germany).  Co-Supervisor.


Meng, S. and Chen G., (2019), "A new patent system to usher in a new economy," Economics of Innovation and New Technology, (In Press).

Hoang, H., Huynh, L., and  Chen, G. (2019), "How new economic geography explains provincial wage disparities: Generalized methods of moments approach," Economy of Region, 15, 205-215.

Yao, Y, Chen, G., Salim, R., and Yu, X. (2018), "Schooling returns for migrant workers in China: Estimations from the perspective of the institutional environment in a rural setting," China Economic Review, 51, 240-256.

Harrison, S., Villano, R., Lynch, G., and Chen, G. (2018), "Linking early alert systems and student retention: a survival analysis approach", Higher Education, 76, 903-920.

Salim, R., Yao, Y., and Chen, G. (2017), "Does human capital matter for energy consumption in China?'', Energy Economics, 67, 45-59

Yao, Y., Salim, R., Chen, G., and Zhang, L. (2017), "Can foreign direct investment harness energy consumption in China? A time series investigation," Energy Economics, 66, 43-53.

Kennedy. T., Smyth, R., Valadkhani, A., and Chen, G. (2017), "Does income inequality hinder economic growth? New evidence using Australian taxation statistics", Economic Modelling, 65, 119-28.

Kennedy. T., Smyth, R., Valadkhani, A., and Chen, G. (2017), "Refitting the Kuznets curve using a gender-specific threshold model", Applied Economics, 49, 1847-1854.

Chen, G., Yao, Y., and Malizard, J. (2017), "Does foreign direct investment crowd in or crowd out private domestic investment in China? The effect of entry mode", Economic Modelling, 61, 409-419.

Chen, G., Valadkhani, A., and Grant, B. (2016), "How useful is the yield spread as a predictor of output growth in Australia?" Journal of Economic Studies, 43, 222-241.

Xie, M., and Chen, G. (2015), "Study on effects of foreign agglomeration on the location choice of foreign direct investment--the empirical data from the Taiwan Area Invest in China", Soft Science, 29, 96-100 (in Chinese).

Valadkhani, A., Chen, G., and Kotey, B. (2014), "Asymmetric changes in Australia's small business loan rate", Small Business Economics, 43, 945-957.

Valadkhani, A. and Chen, G. (2014), "An empirical analysis of the US stock market and output growth volatility spillover effects on three Anglo-Saxon countries", International Review of Applied Economics, 28, 323-335.

Valadkhani, A., Chen, G. and Anderson, J. (2014), "A cluster analysis of petrol profit margins across various regional and urban locations in Australia", Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, 20, 159-184.

Chen, G. (2011), "Provincial characteristics and the determinants of Taiwanese investment in China", BEPP Working Papers 2011-7.

Chen, G. (2011), "Regional distribution of Taiwanese direct investment in China: recent trends and determinants", BEPP Working Papers 2011-6.

Chen, G. (2011), "Foreign-specific agglomerations and the location of Taiwanese direct investment in China", BEPP Working Papers 2011-5.

Chen, G. (2009), "Determinants of Taiwanese investment in China: an agglomeration economies-based perspective", Department of Economics, Discussion paper 01/09, Monash University.

Clinical Skills and Experience


  • Invited Referee for Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Economic Studies, China Economic Review, Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Economic Modelling, Australian Journal of Management, Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, BMJ Open, Energy Exploration and Exploitation, Economics Bulletin, Eurasian Economic Review, International Journal of Emerging Markets, International Review of Applied Economics, Journal of Economic Studies, Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies, and New Zealand Economic Papers.
  • Member of Economic Society of Australia (NSW Branch) and Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (The New England Branch).

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Higher Degree Research (HDR) Coordinator


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Member, Graduate Research Committee, UNE