Dr David Hadley

Senior Lecturer , Economics - UNE Business School

David Hadley

Phone: +61 2 6773 4593

Email: dhadley@une.edu.au


Research Gate: David Hadley

I am applied economist with research and teaching interests in the areas of environmental and agricultural economics. I’m particularly interested in non-market valuation methodologies and incorporating those values into approaches to decision-making, predominantly benefit-cost analysis. I also do applied work which measures efficiency and productivity of different types of farm enterprises. I am British and have been in Australia since 2010, prior to coming here I worked at the University of East Anglia as a researcher and I have also worked in public service with Ofwat (The Water Services Regulation Authority). In the dim and distant past I have also erected steel buildings, spent far too long as an accounts clerk for various insurance and reinsurance companies and had a brief and unsuccessful part-time career as a musician.


Bsc (Hons) Agricultural Economics, University of Reading, 1993 and PhD University of Reading, 1997.

Teaching Areas

Undergraduate Level

ECON121/221 Food Security and Environmental Scarcity

ECON326 Benefit-cost Analysis

ECON329/429 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Post-graduate Level

ECON526 Benefit-cost Analysis

ECON429 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Primary Research Area/s

Efficiency and productivity analysis; Benefit-cost analysis; Valuation of ecosystem services

Research Interests

My principal research areas are concerned with the valuation of ecosystem goods and services and economic assessment methodologies that incorporate these valuations (predominately cost-benefit analysis). My focus has been on 'wet' ecosystems; wetlands, river water quality and marine and coastal environments. I also have a further strand of research based in efficiency and productivity analysis; particularly with respect to agricultural production, and with the incorporation of environmental externalities into measures of productivity. I am also involved in several projects that measure efficiency and productivity in more conventional ways. More recent research has been concerned with the efficiency of agricultural production in africa and the adoption of new techniques by smallholder African farmers.

Research Supervision Experience

Omphile Temoso, PhD thesis: Agricultural Productivity, Efficiency and Growth in Botswana, Principal Supervisor, Graduated 2016

Derek Purdy, PhD thesis: Integrating Sandfish ('H.scabra') Aquaculture Development with the Social-Ecological System of an Artisanal Fishery in Papua New Guinea, Principal Supervisor, Graduated 2017

Valentine Petentsebenkwange Nchinda, PhD thesis: Economics of Improved Seed Yam Production: Implications for Food Security in Cameroon, Principal Supervisor, Graduated 2018

Bui Quang Minh, PhD thesis: Farmers' Adaptive Responses to Climate Change:  Evidence from the Small-Scale Rubber Sector in Southeast Vietnam, Co-Supervisor, Graduated 2016

Isaac Koomson, PhD thesis: The Impact of Financial Literacy on Financial Inclusion and Household Welfare in Ghana, Co-Supervisor, Submitted December 2019


Journal Articles

Koomson, I., Villano, R. A. & Hadley, D. (2020). Effect of Financial Inclusion on Poverty and Vulnerability to Poverty: Evidence Using a Multidimensional Measure of Financial Inclusion,Social Indicators Research. DOI:10.1007/s11205-019-02263-0

Koomson, I., Villano, R. A., & Hadley, D. (2020). Intensifying financial inclusion through the provision of financial literacy training: a gendered perspective, Applied Economics, 52(4), 375-387. DOI:10.1080/00036846.2019.1645943

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Temoso, O., Villano, R. and Hadley, D. (2016) Evaluating the productivity gap between commercial and traditional beef production systems in Botswana. Agricultural Systems 149: 30-39.
DOI: 10.1016/j.agsy.2016.07.014

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Research Reports

Baker, D., Hadley, D. and Anderson, D. (2017) Research Activities on Rural Roads, AgriFutures Australia Publication No 17/055.
Available at: http://www.agrifutures.com.au/publications/research-activities-on-rural-roads/

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Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society

Consultancy Interests

I have acted as an independent consultant for a number of clients in the UK including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the Environment Agency and Thames Water. In Australia I have undertaken work for the NSW Department of Industry.

Community and Advocacy Organisation Collaborations

I have acted as an advisor and expert witness for the NSW Environmental Defenders Office

Further Information

Previous positions
  • Senior Research Associate - Centre for Social and Environmental Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE), University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.
  • Senior Economist – OFWAT (Office of Water Services), Birmingham, UK.
  • Lecturer in Environmental Management, University of Birmingham, UK.