Dr Carolyn Tran

Adjunct Lecturer - UNE Business School

Carolyn Tran


Carolyn Tran is a Lecturer in Economics, specializing in the area of Applied Econometrics, Education Economics and Development Economics. Her research activities have focused on efficiency analysis of Education, Public Policy Analysis, and Applied Econometrics. She has published in referred international journals. She was formerly a Vice Rector of a Vietnamese College and a Consultant for a World Bank project.


BABusMgmt (UEH, Vietnam), MADevEc (ISS, Netherlands), PhD (UNE)

Teaching Areas

Teaching areas and award

Undergraduate Level

Business Statistics
Introduction to Business Analytics
Introductory Economics

Post-graduate Level

Analytics for Business Research
Microeconomic Policy Evaluation

HDR supervision topic areas

  • Quantitative economics and efficiency and productivity analysis in education, local government, human resources, manufacturing and services
  • Development economics and evaluation of economics efficiency of regional development, provincial public administrative index and competitiveness capacity.

Research Interests

Efficiency and productivity analysis; education economics, development economics; applied econometrics; public policy analysis; competitiveness capacity, public administration and socio-economics.


Journal Articles

Tran, C-D.T.T., & Villano, R.A. (2018, forthcoming). Financial efficiencies of Vietnamese public universities: A second-stage dynamic network data envelopment analysis approach. The Singapore Economic Review.

Tran, C-D.T.T., Crawford, M. & Villano, R.A. (2017). Efficiency-based ranking: A case of Vietnamese public universities. Asia-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics.

Tran, C-D.T.T., & Villano, R.A. (2017, forthcoming). Environmentally-adjusted efficiencies of Vietnamese higher education institutions: A bootstrap multi-stage DEA method.  International Journal of Operational Research.

Tran, C-D.T.T. & Villano, R.A. (2017) Input rigidities and performance of Vietnamese universities. Asian Economic Journal, 31(3), 253-273.

Tran, C-D.T.T., & Villano, R.A. (2017). An empirical analysis of the academic performance: The case of Vietnamese higher education institutions. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 41(4), 530-544.

Tran, C-D.T.T. & Villano, R.A. (2015). Measuring efficiency of Vietnamese public colleges: An application of the DEA-based dynamic network approach. International Transactions in Operational Research, 1–21 DOI: 10.1111/itor.12212

Tran, D.T.T. (2001). Some aspects of environmental management in enterprises. Economic Development Review, HCM City Economics University, 126: 22-23 (published in English)

Tran, D.T. T. (2001) Impacts of pesticide use on farmer health in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam: A medical and economic assessment. Economic Development Review, HCM City Economics University, 81: 22–24 (published in English)

Nguyen, H.D. & Tran, D.T.T. (1999) Economics and health consequences of pesticide use in paddy production in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. EEPSEA Research Report Series. Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia.

Tran, D.T.T. (1999). Pesticides and farmer health: The case of rice production in the Mekong Delta. The 7th Conference on Science and Technology, Vietnam National University, University of Technology (published in English)

Conference Papers      

Tran, C-D.T.T., Crawford, M. & Villano, R.A. (2016). Reform process and the productive efficiency of Vietnamese higher education: A case study of public universities, presented in Vietnam Forum 2016 “Vietnam: Thirty years of reform and beyond”, Invited paper, IDEAS in Singapore, 7-8 April, 2016.

Villano, R.A. & Tran, C-D.T.T. (2015). Measuring inefficiency in Vietnamese private universities: An application of bootstrap directional distance approach. The 13th International Conference on Data Envelopment Analysis, Braunschweig, Germany, 24–28 August, 2015.

Tran, C-D.T.T., Villano, R. & Battese, G. (2014). Performance of Vietnamese higher education institutions in 2011/2012: Using data envelopment analysis approach. The 12th International Conference on Data Envelopment Analysis, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 14–18 April, 2014.

Project reports            

Tran, C-D.T.T. & Crawford, M. (2015). Vietnamese Higher Education: Characteristics and Challenges. The project of Vietnam 2035. The World Bank.

Tran, D.T.T. (2010). Evaluating companies' satisfaction on Sonadezi College's students as in-job trainees. College Project, Sonadezi College of Technology and Management (SCTM).

Tran, D.T.T., & Luu, P.D. (2009). Project of upgrading Sonadezi College to Sonadezi University. College Project, SCTM.

Tran, D.T.T. & Chu, T.T. (2005). Project of establishing Sonadezi College of Technology and Management. Corporate Project, 2979/QĐ-BGD&ĐT-TCCB, 1/06/2005, Ministry of Education and Training.

Professional services

  • Acted as reviewer for Singapore Economic Review; Education Economics; International Food and Agribusiness Management Review; World Bank Report; Asian Economics Journal;
  • Acted as examiner of Honours and Master theses.


  • East Asian Economic Association
  • Economic Society of Australia
  • International Data Envelopment Analysis Society

Consultancy Interests

  • Efficiency and performance analysis of education, public government, human resources, manufacturing and service sectors.
  • Effectiveness assessment of development projects and socio-economic studies.