Dr Shawn Leu

Senior Lecturer , Macroeconomics - UNE Business School

Shawn Leu

Phone: +61 6773 2313

Email: shawn.leu@une.edu.au


I am senior lecturer of macroeconomics at UNE Business School. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Auckland, NZ and MEc and PhD degrees at the University of Sydney. My research interests are in applied macroeconomics, open economy macroeconomics, monetary economics, international finance, and regional economics. I previously taught at La Trobe University and have held visiting positions at the International Monetary Fund, Macquarie University, and University of Cincinnati.


BA/BCom (Auckland), MEc (Hons), PhD (Sydney)


Teaching Areas

Introductory Macroeconomics (ECON102)

Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON202)

Advanced Macroeconomics (ECON409)

Research Interests

Applied macroeconometrics, international finance, monetary economics, open economy macroeconomics, and regional economics

Research Supervision Experience

  • Lefley, Ed (ongoing, principal supervision) – Triple Helix and Regional Innovation Systems: Knowledge Transfer that Enables Regional Growth in the Australian Context
  • Spencer, Ryan (ongoing, principal supervision) – Understanding the Flattening of the Australian Phillips Curve
  • Moyen, Mirza (ongoing, co-supervision) – An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships Between Economic Growth and Selected Indicators of Environmental Degradation
  • Pathak, Amrit (ongoing, co-supervision) – Trade Liberalisation and Domestic Industries: The Case of An Open Developing Economy
  • Wright, Andrew (ongoing, co-supervision) – Income Support Policy Incentives Regarding Compliance with Unemployment Payment Requirements
  • Zulfadin, Rahadian (2015, co-supervision) – Essays in Applied Macroeconometrics


Work In Progress

  • "A multidimensional index of economic resilience for NSW in Australia" with Masood Azeem, Derek Baker, and Ed Lefley.
  • "A resilience index for households in Bangladesh using factor analysis" with Oscar Cacho and Jonathan Moss.

Working Paper

  • “Mortgage credit volumes and monetary policy after the Great Recession” with Mari Robertson.

Published Work

  • Wright, A., Dollery, B.E., Kortt, M. and Leu, S. (2020), 'Examining the effects of zero dollar unemployment payment penalties', Economic Record (in print).
  • Khuc, Q.V.; Le, T.-A.T.; Nguyen, T.H.; Nong, D.; Tran, B.Q.; Meyfroidt, P.; Tran, T.; Duong, P.B.; Nguyen, T.T.; Tran, T.; Pham, L.; Leu, S.; Thao, N.T.P.; Huu-Dung, N.; Dao, T.-K.; Hong, N.V.; Nguyet, B.T.M.; Nguyen, H.-S.; Paschke, M.W. (2020),                                         “Forest cover change, households’ livelihoods, trade-offs, and constraints associated with plantation forests in poor upland-rural landscapes: Evidence from north central Vietnam”, Forests11, 548.
  • Jayasuriya, Sisira and Leu, Shawn (2017), "Volatile capital flows and macroeconomic performance in Indonesia: An SVAR analysis", Economic Papers, 36(2), pp. 135-155.
  • Jayasuriya, Sisira and Leu, Shawn (2012), "Fine-tuning an open capital account in a developing country: The Indonesian experience", Asian Development Review, 29(2), pp. 136-178.
  • Leu, Shawn (2011), "A New Keynesian SVAR model of the Australian economy", Economic Modelling, 28(1-2), pp. 157-168.
  • Leu, Shawn and Sheen, Jeffrey (2011), "A small New Keynesian state space model of the Australian economy", Economic Modelling, 28(1-2), pp. 672-684.
  • Leu, Shawn and Sheen, Jeffrey (2011), "The Australia-Asia business cycle evolution", in Cheung, Y.-W., Ma, G., and V. Kakkar (eds.), The Evolving Role of Asia in Global Finance, Emerald Publishing, Binley, pp. 289-310.
  • Leu, Shawn (2009), "Managed floating in Australia", Economic Papers, 28(4), pp. 310-322.
  • Leu, Shawn (2008), Exchange rate management and monetary policy in Australia: An examination of the post-float era, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.
  • Leu, Shawn and Sheen, Jeffrey (2006) "Asymmetric monetary policy in Australia", Economic Record (Special Edition), pp. S85-S96.
  • Leu, Shawn (2006), "The rise and fall of monetary targeting in Australia, by Simon Guttmann (Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2005)", History of Economics Review, 43(3), pp. 201-205.

Clinical Skills and Experience


American Economic Association, Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, Economic Society of Australia (NSW branch).

Consultancy Interests

  • Australian Organic Market Report (2018) - A. Lawson, A. Cosby, D. Baker, S. Leu, E. Lefley, A. Sahota, N. Bez, R. Christie, Australian Organic Limited
  • World of Organic Agriculture Yearbook - Australia Chapter (2019) - A. Lawson, A. Cosby, D. Baker, S. Leu, E. Lefley, A. Sahota, and N. Bez

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