Indoor Netball Rules

Interdepartmental Sport is back for Tri 2! Wednesdays at 12pm – SportUNE – Campbell Hall and New Hall


June 28th – Round 1
July 12th - Round 2
July 19th - Round 3
July 26th - Round 4 - Finals

Please nominate your team to Rhys Porter – – by Wednesday June 21st

1. There are 7 positions in a netball game per team that need to be filled. Max of 3 Men on the court at a time if possible.
2. The game shall consist of 4 x 8 min quarters.
3. Substitutes are only permitted at the breaks.

5. The Centre Pass shall be thrown from the circle in the centre third within 3 seconds of the whistle and shall be only passed within the centre third.
6. There must always be room for a third person to move between the hands of the thrower and the receiver when a ball is thrown. If this is not so, then the pass is called a short pass.
7. The ball may not be thrown over a third without being touched or caught by a player.
8. Footwork
a) Stepping with the ball is not permitted. However a run on will be allowed so long as the original landing foot is not regrounded twice.
b) May pivot on landing foot.
A player in possession of the ball may NOT:
a) Drag or slide the landing foot.
b) Hop on either foot.
c) Jump from both feet and land on both feet unless ball has been released.
9. Playing the Ball
A player who has caught or held the ball may NOT:
a) Roll the ball to another player.
b) Throw the ball and play it before it has been touched by another player.
c) Toss the ball in the air and replay it.
d) Drop the ball and replay it.
e) Replay the ball after unsuccessful shot at goal unless it has touched the goalpost.
f) Kick the ball.
g) Strike the ball with a fist.
h) Throw the ball while lying or sitting.
i) Use goal post to regain balance.
j) May not hold the ball for more than 3 seconds.
10. No sharp adornment or item of jewellery. Please keep fingernails short.
11. Captains shall toss a coin at the beginning of any match to choose between a goal end or first centre pass.
12. A player shall be offside with or without the ball if area other than that designated for her position is entered.
13. An attempt to intercept or defend the ball may be made by a defending player if the distance on ground is not less than 3 feet from the landing foot of the player in possession of the ball.
14. No player shall come into contact with another player in such a manner as to interfere with the opponents play either accidentally or deliberately.
15. A player penalised for obstruction and contact must stand beside and away from the person taking the penalty and must make no attempt to take part in play until the ball has left the throwers hands.
16. An umpire may order a player to leave the court, but only when sure that the ordinary penalty is insufficient and, except in extreme cases, only after a warning.