Study Indonesian

Learn the Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia, and its vibrant culture, with our team of highly qualified and experienced educators.

You can study Indonesian online or on campus at UNE. We offer a personal and relaxed learning environment, and cater for proficiency levels from beginner to advanced. You'll also learn about Indonesia's history, cultures, and politics, preparing you for work with Indonesia or further study.

Undergraduate and postgraduate study

Undergraduate: you can learn Indonesian and its cultures either:

  • as a major or elective as part of a bachelor’s degree, or
  • as a stand-alone award through a diploma course.

Those with prior learning experience may be eligible for advanced standing.

Postgraduate: you can undertake studies in Indonesian through coursework or research programs.

Looking to do an Indonesian major? The undergraduate courses listed below link to the Course and Unit Catalogue. From there go to Course Rules and Plans, then scroll down to Program of Study.

Study on campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home, or abroad.

Undergraduate courses

Indonesian can be studied as a major in the following courses.

You can also study Indonesian as an elective in almost any Bachelor's course offered at UNE; check the course rules to see how many electives you are permitted to include.

In-country study is compulsory in the Bachelor of Languages, the Bachelor of Languages and International Business, and the Bachelor of International and Language Studies.

Bachelor degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of International Studies

Bachelor of International and Language Studies

Bachelor of Languages

Bachelor of Languages and International Business

For Bachelor Honours see link below.

Undergraduate diplomas

Seeking to upskill by mastering a language? Study Indonesian online or on campus as a stand-alone award through our undergraduate diplomas:

Diploma in Modern Languages

Advanced Diploma in Arts

Qualified teachers seeking to enhance their Indonesian skills, or add Indonesian as an additional teaching area are welcome to do so through the Diploma in Modern Languages.

Honours and postgraduate courses

Indonesian can also be studied at postgraduate level in coursework or research programs.

Bachelor honours

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Find out more about Honours

Postgraduate coursework

Master of Arts

Postgraduate research

Master of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy

Find out more about Higher Degree Research

Our staff

To contact an academic or find a research supervisor, view staff page.

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In-country study

As part of your study of Indonesian language and culture, you can choose to spend one or two trimesters abroad in Indonesia, organised in collaboration with ACICIS (see below).

Indonesian has six units specific to in-country language study: INDN111, INDN112, INDN211, INDN212, INDN311, and INDN312. Students usually enrol in these units to undertake intensive 3-week blocks of study in January and/or February in Mataram, Lombok Island.

Find out more about in-country study programs

The universities with which UNE has agreements or bilateral exchange agreements are:

Career options for graduates

Graduates of Indonesian have skills in speaking the language as well as a cultural understanding of Indonesia. With this skillset, graduates could find work in:

  • government agencies
  • the education sector
  • the Australian Defence Force
  • customs and immigration
  • consultancies
  • non-government organisations
  • private companies in Australia and Indonesia.

Partnerships and networks

Our Indonesian teaching staff partner and network with a range of national and international associations:

Further information

For more information about our courses and studying at UNE, please contact AskUNE.