Our Staff

Head of School and Professional Staff

Head of School Office
Head of SchoolProfessor Alistair Noblehoshass@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 3062
Administrative OfficerShirley Rickardsrickard@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 3062
Professional Staff in HASS
Rachael Brooks Administrative Assistant Sociology, Linguistics & Criminology rbrooks8@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 1814
Rachel Cameron Academic Administration Officer Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
(on maternity leave March 2020-March 2021)
+61 6773 5854
Joy Kirby Senior Administrative Assistant Arts jkirby2@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 2494
Sharon Marshall Administrative Assistant Humanities smarsha8@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 2300
Tania Marshall Administrative Assistant Humanities (currently on secondment) tmarshal@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 2776
Elizabeth McClelland Academic Administration Officer Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences emccle2@une.edu.au
+61 6773 3386
Melissa Pearce Administrative Assistant Arts (currently on secondment) mchappe3@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 2094
Stephen Phelps Administrative Assistant Geography and Planning (Tue, Wed & Thu) sphelp5@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 2514
Trish Wright Academic Coordinator Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences trish.wright@une.edu.au
+61 2 6773 2067

Academic staff by discipline

Asia-Pacific Centre
NamePosition Title
Professor Howard Brasted Co-Director
Professor Helen Ware Co-Director
NamePosition Title
Professor Lloyd WeeksProfessor | Discipline Convenor
Professor Martin Gibbs Professor
Associate Professor Peter Grave Associate Professor
Associate Professor Mark Moore Associate Professor
Associate Professor Michael Morrison Associate Professor
Dr Melanie FilliosSenior Lecturer | Master of Arts Coordinator
Dr Sarah LedogarPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Marie OrangePostdoctoral Research Fellow
NamePosition Title
Dr Shi Li Senior Lecturer
Dr Isabel Tasker Senior Lecturer
Classics & Ancient History
Title Position Title
Professor Matthew Dillon Professor
Dr Bronwyn Hopwood Senior Lecturer | Curator, Museum of Antiquities
Professor Greg Horsley Emeritus Professor
Dr Clemens Koehn Senior Lecturer
Dr Sarah Lawrence Senior Lecturer
Dr Tristan TaylorLecturer | Discipline Convenor
Dr Anna Silvas Research Fellow
Name Position Title
Associate Professor Glenn Porter Associate Professor
Dr Jenny WiseSenior Lecturer
Dr Alistair Harkness Senior Lecturer
Dr Katinka van de Ven Senior Lecturer
Dr Kyle Mulrooney Lecturer | Course Coordinator | Discipline Convenor, Criminology
Dr Michael Akinlabi Lecturer
Dr Matthew Allen Lecturer
NamePosition Title
Dr Diana BarnesLecturer
Dr Elizabeth Hale Associate Professor
Dr Jennifer HamiltonLecturer
Dr Stephen Harris Lecturer
Dr Jennifer McDonell Senior Lecturer
Professor Russell McDougall Emeritus Professor
NamePosition Title
Dr Valentina GosettiSenior Lecturer  | Course Coordinator
Dr Sophie PatrickLecturer | Convenor
Geography and Planning
NamePosition Title
Professor Neil ArgentProfessor
Associate Professor Robyn BartelAssociate Professor
Dr Sonya GlavacLecturer
Dr Nicolette Larder Lecturer
Dr James McGregorLecturer
Dr Paul McFarlandLecturer | Planning Course Coordinator
Dr Melissa ParsonsSenior Lecturer | Senior Research Fellow
Dr Raj RajaratnamSenior Lecturer
Associate Professor Michael ReidAssociate Professor
Professor Martin ThomsProfessor
Associate Professor Stephen WoodAssociate Professor | Discipline Convenor, Geography and Planning
NamePosition Title
Ms Jennifer EvansLecturer
Dr Miriam NeigertLecturer
Dr Kerry DunneAdjunct Professor
NamePosition Title
Professor Howard BrastedProfessor  | Course Coordinator for BHINQ | Discipline Convenor
Professor Thomas A FudgeProfessor
Associate Professor David RobertsAssociate Professor
Associate Professor Richard ScullyAssociate Professor 
Associate Professor Nathan WiseAssociate Professor
Associate Professor Michael Morrison Associate Professor
Dr Lorina BarkerSenior Lecturer
Dr Matthew AllenLecturer
Dr Erin IhdeLecturer | Academic Misconduct Officer
Dr Andrew PiperLecturer
Dr Vanessa BibleCasual Lecturer
Dr Thomas KehoePostdoctoral Research Fellow
Indigenous Studies
NamePosition Title
Dr Belinda BeattieLecturer 
Dr Julie CollinsLecturer
NamePosition Title
Dr Zifirdaus Adnan Senior Lecturer | Convener
Dr Jane AhlstrandLecturer
Islamic Studies
NamePosition Title
Professor Howard Brasted Professor
NamePosition Title
Ms Anna Cavallaro Lecturer
Dr Giulia Torello-HillLecturer
NamePosition Title
Dr Gwyn McClellandLecturer
Dr Kiyomi Yamada Lecturer
Name Position
Dr Inés Antón-Méndez Senior Lecturer
Dr Sally DixonLecturer
Associate Professor Liz Ellis Associate Professor
Dr Arvind IyengarLecturer
Associate Professor Finex Ndhlovu Associate Professor | MAAL Coordinator
Dr Cindy Schneider Senior Lecturer
Professor Jeff SiegelEmeritus Professor
Professor Diana EadesAdjunct Professor
Associate Professor Helen FraserAdjunct Associate Professor
Dr Margaret SharpeAdjunct Senior Lecturer
Associate Professor Nick ReidAdjunct Associate Professor Nick Reid
Local, Family & Applied History
NamePosition Title
Associate Professor David RobertsAssociate Professor
Associate Professor Richard ScullyAssociate Professor
Media & Communications
NamePostion Title
Dr Alan AndersonLecturer
Dr Alana BlackburnLecturer
Dr Donna HewittLecturer
Dr Mark OliveiroLecturer
Dr Paul SmithSenior Lecturer
Dr Jason StoesselSenior Lecturer
Peace Studies
NamePosition Title
Dr Vanessa BibleCasual Lecturer
Dr Marty Branagan Senior Lecturer | Convenor
Dr Bert Jenkins Senior Lecturer
Professor Helen Ware Professor
Dr Johanna GarnettCasual Lecturer
Philosophy and Religion
NamePosition Title
Dr Sandy Boucher Lecturer | Convenor
Dr Mun-Keat Choong Lecturer
Professor Matthew DillonProfessor
Dr Tony Lynch Senior Lecturer
Dr Lesley McLean Lecturer
Professor Adrian Walsh Professor
Politics & International Studies
NamePosition Title
Dr Tim BattinSenior Lecturer | Discipline Convenor
Dr Tony LynchSenior Lecturer
Dr Karin von StrokirchSenior Lecturer | Course Coordinator for BIntStuds; BILS
Dr Xiang GaoLecturer
Name Position Title
Professor Alan Scott Professor
Dr Alison RahnAdjunct Research Fellow
Dr Cary BennettSenior Lecturer
Dr Christina Kenny Lecturer
Dr Claire BakerLecturer
Dr DB SubediPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Duane Duncan Lecturer 
Dr Jo Coghlan Senior Lecturer |  BA Coordinator | Convenor
Dr Johanna Garnett Lecturer
Professor Michael BittmanEmeritus Professor
Associate Professor Habib ZafarullahAdjunct Associate Professor
NamePosition Title
Associate Professor Leonel Alvarado Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr María Celina Bortolotto Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr José Díaz RodríguezAdjunct Lecturer
Theatre & Performance
NamePosition Title
Dr Julie Shearer Lecturer
Dr Richard JordanLecturer
NamePosition Title
Dr Lili PaquetLecturer
Dr Ariella Van LuynLecturer
Dr Sophia WatersLecturer
Professor Dugald Williamson Professor
Dr Rosemary Williamson Senior Lecturer