Study Areas

School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

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Archaeology, Classics & Ancient History and History

Be part of the ongoing effort to uncover the remnants of early civilisations and piece together the ancient past, using modern, innovative and precise technology and techniques. Or learn about the cultures, people and events that have shaped the world and changed life as we know it.

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Asian Studies and Islamic Studies

Learn about the histories and cultures of Asian societies, and the social, economic and political forces at play shaping Asia today. Or gain a comprehensive understanding of the beliefs, practices, cultures and values of Muslim peoples, and the contemporary challenges for Islam.

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Criminology is the study of crime and responses to crime, and considers issues such as social justice, the emergence of new crimes in cyberspace and the global economy, and how crimes are solved through criminal profiling and forensic science.

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English, Writing and Media & Communications

Explore the texts, stories, voices and forms of media that have shaped our understanding of our world and ourselves. Learn to write effectively and persuasively in  a variety of formats to be relevant, effective and influential in today's busy and fast-paced media landscape.

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Geography and Planning

Geography is the study of human society in its natural and built environments, and looks at a range of current environmental, social, economic, population and cultural issues. Urban & Regional Planning is about shaping the places in which we live, work and play.

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Indigenous Studies


As an Indigenous or non-Indigenous student you can learn about Indigenous issues and factors that have shaped and are influencing change within Indigenous communities today within Australia and beyond.

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Languages & Cultures and Linguistics

Discover how a language works when broken down in its simplest parts. Learn the patterns of language and how cultural aspects influence its development and use. Or immerse yourself in the study of an Asian or European language and culture.

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Music and Theatre & Performance

Learn about the foundations, theory and history of music or explore the styles and techniques of performance that have shaped and challenged human perspectives. Develop your own voice, style and confidence to express yourself.

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Philosophy and Studies in Religion


Philosophy investigates the basic claims science makes about the world as well as the principles that govern human life and morality. Studies in Religion explores the diversity of religious experience and expression across civilisations and people groups.

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Political & International Studies and Peace Studies

Choose units in security, international relations, global political economy, political theory, East and Southeast Asian, Pacific or Australian politics and globalisation. Or learn how to assist in conflict-affected areas to build peaceful, sustainable and resilient communities.

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Study of social groups, relations, practices and institutions. Sociologists examine issues such as changes in family life, social factors shaping health, life chances, social inequalities, lifestyle and consumption, social policy, urban life, and comparative societies and development.

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