Archaeology, Classics & Ancient History and History


Stone tools

Archaeology is the study of human behaviour through the recovery and analysis of artefactual and environmental traces. Drawing on both the humanities and the sciences, this discipline aims to extract the maximum amount of information from the incomplete remains of the human past.

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Classics & Ancient History

Explore the history, languages, and literature of the great civilisations of the ancient Mediterranean. Gain an appreciation for the abiding influence of Classical Antiquity on the development and imagination of later cultures, including our own. Peer into the past, enrich your present, and illuminate your future.

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History at UNE has a distinguished track record, spanning 50 years. We have a particularly strong reputation in Australian colonial history and Asian studies. Our courses provide a fertile ground for contemplation and imagination. Become a confident independent thinker, and develop the necessary skills to be a historian.

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Local, Family & Applied History

People and places

Our family, our community, our locality, our region: we shape our sense of who we are partly by the people and places who surround us and with whom we live. Their stories are part of us, and to understand those stories is to understand ourselves and to imagine and explore the links between past, present and future.

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