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Learning Chinese opens a window to understanding Chinese culture and the Chinese way of life. A rapidly changing society with a history dating back to the 21st century BCE, China is also a multi-ethnic society consisting of 56 ethnic groups with a rich heritage of cultural diversity.

In Australia, Chinese is the most common language spoken at home after English. Cultural and educational links between China and Australia are growing rapidly.

UNE is the only university in Australia to offer a full Chinese major online course, as well as on-campus classes. Our courses cater for beginners to native speakers, and we offer units in English on aspects of Chinese culture.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

We offer a major in Chinese in a range of undergraduate degrees, as well as an Honours program and degrees at Masters and PhD level. Study on campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home, or abroad.

Undergraduate courses

Chinese can be studied as a major in the following bachelor courses.

You can also study Chinese as an elective in almost any bachelor's course offered at UNE. Check the course rules from the links to see how many electives you are permitted to include.

Bachelor degrees

  • If you enrol in the Chinese major in the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business, the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws, the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Education (Secondary Studies), or the Bachelor of International Studies, you can choose to spend one
    or two trimesters studying a language in-country, by taking UNE's Overseas Language Study (OSLS) units.
  • If you enrol in the Bachelor of Languages, the Bachelor of Languages and International Business, or the Bachelor of International and Language Studies, it is compulsory to undertake in-country study.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching)

Bachelor of International Studies

Bachelor of International and Language Studies

Bachelor of Languages

Bachelor of Languages and International Business

For Bachelor Honours see under postgraduate courses.

Undergraduate diplomas

Study Chinese as part of the following courses.

Diploma in Modern Languages

Advanced Diploma in Arts

Honours and postgraduate courses

Chinese can also be studied at honours and postgraduate coursework or research programs.

Bachelor Honours

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Find out about Honours

Postgraduate coursework

Master of Arts

Postgraduate research

Master of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy

Find out about Higher Degree Research

Our staff

To contact an academic or find a research supervisor, view our staff page.


Our courses in Chinese offer:

  • small class sizes, personal attention
  • step by step, structured units
  • challenging and fun learning activities
  • units of study that cater to both beginners and advanced learners of Chinese
  • all units available online
  • experienced and supportive staff.

Opportunities to study in China:

There is no better way to enhance your skills and understanding than by immersing yourself in the language and culture. UNE has an exchange agreement with Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU) in the beautiful historic city of Xi'an. We offer a range of possibilities for you to study there and gain credit towards your UNE degree, for periods ranging from four weeks to a full academic year.

Career options for Chinese graduates

With a continuous and massive economic boom in China, Modern Standard Chinese has become the most important language used in the Asia-Pacific region. Nowadays, university graduates with business and Chinese language skills combined are in great demand both in Australia and overseas. Demand for Chinese speakers is increasing further with the rapid growth in Chinese tourism to Australia. With the expanding interest in learning Mandarin, school teachers with Chinese skills will soon be in particularly high demand.

Career areas welcoming graduates with Chinese skills include:

  • import/export businesses
  • tourism
  • translation and interpreting
  • research
  • international banking
  • law
  • teaching: primary, secondary, tertiary
  • multinational corporations
  • public service
  • community service
  • foreign affairs
  • defence
  • intelligence
  • trade
  • immigration
  • foreign aid
  • NGOs

Partnerships and networks

UNE language students can study at the following universities in China:

Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an

Further information

For more information about our courses and studying at UNE, please contact AskUNE.