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Friendship inspires Classics donation

Portrait image of Alfred McCready

An Armidale couple's generosity and friendship has never been forgotten by those who benefited, leading to a substantial bequest to UNE's Classics studies. Once a student at Armidale's TAS, donor Mr Wai Kwun Lam and wife Pansy, from Hong Kong, said the donation was in memory of the McCreadys, "to whom we owe so much as a family for their many kindnesses".

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Public Lectures and Seminars

Each year the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences hosts a number of public lectures. Our public lectures feature renowned national and international scholars and are always open to the community to attend.

Annual Public Lectures

Russel Ward Annual Lecture

The Russel Ward Annual Lecture honours the memory and legacy of one of the University's most renowned scholars, Emeritus Professor Russel Braddock Ward. Russel Ward taught at UNE from 1957, and was Deputy Chancellor of UNE from 1981–1989.

Aspects of Antiquity Lecture Series

The Aspects of Antiquity Lecture attracts distinguished national and international scholars to provide stimulating talks on the history, literature, thought, material culture, and reception of the civilisations of the Ancient Mediterranean. Visiting scholars usually present an evening talk at the Aspects of Antiquity Lecture Series followed by a morning lecture at the Humanities Seminar Series.

The Aspects of Antiquity Lecture Series is sponsored by the UNE Alumni Association and Humanities.

Maurice Kelly Lecture

The Maurice Kelly Lecture is presented each year by a distinguished researcher on invitation from the Museum of Antiquities.

Research Seminar Series

Our research seminars present the latest research, papers and publications from our researchers. Held throughout the year, it's a great opportunity to engage with the UNE research community.

Find out about the numerous upcoming seminars, as well as viewing previous seminar  recordings:

Arts Seminars

The 2018 Arts Research Seminar Series will be held on Thursdays from 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm in Oorala Lecture Theatre, Building (E22).

Recordings of some of the seminars and lectures are made available to the public.

2018 Schedule

4 October 2018 Alan Anderson TBA
27 September 2018 Donna Hewitt TBA
20 September 2018 Paul Smith On the Vocality of Songs: Freeing the Singer from the Songwriter
13 September 2018 eHASS RN Seminar TBA
23 August 2018 Sophie Patrick Declinism in the Novels of Michel Houellebecq
16 August 2018 Alana Blackburn The Sound of Silence: A Lecture Recital Demonstrating the Use of Silence in Music
9 August 2018 Richard Jordan Posthuman Theatre: An Introduction
2 August 2018 Sophie Masson and John C. Ryan Full Court Press: Pitching and Publishing Creative Writing in the Australian Context​
26 July 2018 Diana Barnes TBA
19 July 2018 Kate Wright Remembering Dark Town: Experimental History, Decolonisation and Archival Activism at Armidale Aboriginal Community Garden
12 July 2018 Shi Li Exploration Into a Mechanism for the Development of a Parent-Child Bond
31 May 2018 Maria Cotter “Brothers Doin’ time”: Incarceration and control as ‘leitmotifs’ in the representation, regulation and management of culturally modified trees
24 May 2018 Dr Valentina Gosetti Reclaiming "Provincialism": A Transregional Study of Modern French Poetry
10 May 2018 Dr Jason Stoessel New Light on the Musical Life in the Early Modern Florentine Convent of San Donato in Polverosa
19 April 2018 Dr Cate Dowd Reluctant Journalists as New Age Librarians, Creating the Global Index for Search and Advertising
12 April 2018 Michael Brogan Copy That: Shaping Australian Government Policy in the 1950s and 1960s through Anthropological and Ethnographic Film
29 March 2018 Dr Zi Adnan Indonesian Authors Getting Published in Reputable International Journals: What Are the Prospects?
22 March 2018 Dr Jane O’Sullivan Dog by Dog: Telling travellers' tales in bite-sized pieces
15 March 2018 Dr Jennifer Hamilton Weathering the City: The Town
8 March 2018 Dr John C. Ryan Plant as Co-Author: Writing with Intelligent Flora
Criminology Seminars

UNE's Criminology discipline presents several research seminars each year. Members of the public are also welcome to attend.

2016 seminars

Playlist of 2016 seminar recordings

datelocationpresenter seminar title
12pm 28 April 2016 Paul Barratt Lecture Theatre, Psychology Building, UNE Dr Helena Menih

People need to understand why we are who we are: an ethnographic study of homeless women in Brisbane

4 August 2016 Oorala Lecture Theatre, UNE Dr Alyce McGovern 'Just Waitin' For a Mate': Police Reality Television as a Public Relations Strategy
30 September 2016 Oorala Lecture Theatre, UNE Dr Samantha Jeffries Exploring women's and men's pathways to imprisonment in Thailand: ethical, practical and theoretical challenges (contact Matthew Allen for details)

2015 seminars

Individual abstracts can be found by following the link on the seminar title.

datepresenter seminar title
28 April 2015 Dr Garner Clancey, Sydney Law School, University of Sydney Contemporary Crime Trends and Crime Prevention
19 May 2015 Christina Kenny, PhD candidate, Australian National University She's not a witch, she's just a very naughty woman: Embodied resistance in the Colony of Kenya and the case of Mekatilili
14 September 2015 Steve Bradshaw, retired Assistant Commisioner, NSW Police Policing the Outback
6 October 2015 Dr Matthew Allen, Lecturer in Historical Criminology, UNE Sober and Orderly? A Short History of Policing Public Drunkenness in New South Wales
Geography and Planning Seminars

UNE's Geography and Planning discipline holds regular research seminars open to the public. Presenters include members of our own academic staff as well as guest speakers from other institutions. Abstracts and recordings of past seminars are available.

2016 seminars:

Wilderness: 40 years & 40,000 years - A research symposium held 13 May 2016, at Oorala Centre UNE

Session 1
Fiona Utley and Robyn Bartel Introduction and Publication plans
Stephen Harris and Fiona Utley Another walk on the wildside: a phenomenology of rewilding and edge lands
Marty Branagan The Franklin River: a case study of wilderness preservation (Part 1)
Bert Jenkins Wilderness Transcience
Navjot Bhullar Nature as Therapy: The role of green care in mental health
Marty Branagan The Franklin River: a case study of wilderness preservation. (Part 2)
Steve Norris and Tony Lynch Wilderness Triumphant
Session 2
Boyd Blackwell Mining Wilderness and Traditional Peoples: How to Transcend and Transform the Imbedded Conflicts Presented Through Multiple and Sequential Use of Remote Resources
Paul Reader Google-eyed wilderness: reconciling visual constructions of remote open spaces and places with other historical and Indigenous understandings
Wendy Beck Wilderness in the distant past- some New England reflections
Vanessa Bible and Tanya Howard History of the Australian Wilderness Preservation Movement and Environmental Law
Robyn Bartel, Don Hine,  Methuen Morgan,  & Graham Marshall Wilderness binaries and biodiversity management in urban settings (note moved from original programme, and note also Joshua Nash Apologies).

play symposium recording

2015 seminars:

DatePresenter Seminar title
24 Sept 2015 Celeste Young, Research Fellow,
Victoria University
The Role of Values in Decision Making & Bridging the Research to Practice Gap
10 Sept 2015 Dr Robyn Bartel, Senior Lecturer,
Geography and Planning, UNE

Heterotic Water Futures from a Quixotic Water Past?
Vernacular knowledge, transformative learning and syncretic governance in the Murray-Darling Basin

3 Sept 2015 Paul McFarland, Lecturer,
Geography and Planning, UNE
Adapting Peri-urban Planning to a Post-Productivist Landscape
13 Aug 2015 Professor Neil Argent,
Geography and Planning, UNE
Heading down to the local: Craft beer and local economic development in rural Australia
30 July 2015 James McGregor, Lecturer, Geography and Planning, UNE Fiction for the Creeping City: A literary Geography of the Postwar Melbourne Novel
14 May 2015

Dr Michael Reid, Senior Lecturer,
Geography and Planning, UNE

“Too many jumbucks in the billabong? Evidence of early post-European settlement impacts on billabongs of the Murray-Darling"

Launch 2015 seminar playlist

Recordings of previous years seminars can be accessed in the playlist below.

Humanities Seminars

The weekly research seminar is usually held at 9.30 – 10.30am on Fridays in Oorala Lecture Theatre followed by morning tea in the Humanities tea room. It is best to confirm this by checking the weekly advertisement in Events on the UNE home page.


For further details contact Karin von Strokirch.

Trimester One, 2019 (March - May)

Video recordings 2019.

8 March Sarah Lawrence, UNE

Imaginary pain: Verisimilitude and violence in Seneca’s Controversiae
15 MarchDavid Coady, UNE

In defence of rumour and rumour-mongering

Change of time/place: 2.15pm, Arts Building, Lecture Theatre A3 
22 March

James Roberts, UNE

Reading the bones: The value of animal remains in understanding the human past in prehistoric Southeastern Arabia

29 March

Anita Wanki, UNE

The impact of leadership on governance and security in Ghana and the Central African Republic from 1993 - 2013

5 April

Andreas Mehl, UNE

Cornelius Nepos' biographies and the genres of biography and historiography, ancient and modern

12 April

John Lahai, UNE

Dead votes: Why democracy has failed (Wo/men) and how there is a better way for emerging democracies

24 August

Paul Barratt AO, UNE

Public sector outsourcing: Can we afford it?

3 May

Xiang Gao, UNE

China as a ‘responsible power’ in international relations

10 May

Glenn Porter, UNE

The challenges of forensic facial identification as evidence in criminal justice

17 May        

Erin Ihde, UNE

Kings of Space: The 1950s children’s sci-fi novels of Ivan Southall and W.E. Johns in a Cold War context

24 May 

Michael Brogan, UNE

Before it’s too late: Anthropological reflections from 1950 - 1970

31 May 

Christina Kenny, UNE

Bodies as battlefields, bodies as weapons: African women’s resistance and the limits of human rights

Trimester Two, 2018 (July - October)

13 July

Anneke Van Mosseveld, UNE

Science and the Australian Army: Innovations in camouflage, machinery, anthropometrics and flower power

20 July

Tim Causer, University College London

The evacuation of that scene of wickedness and wretchedness’: Jeremy Bentham, the panopticon prison & New South Wales, 1802–3

27 July

Matthew Longo, Leiden University

The politics of borders: Sovereignty, security & the citizen after 9/11

3 August

Lesley McLean, Martin Gibbs, Jenny Wise & Tristan Taylor, UNE

Dark Tourism: Four Cases in Time and Space

10 August

David Kent, UNE

The Insolvent Debtors' Courts and a spotlight on early 19th century working-class business practices

17 August

Antonios Kotsonas, University of Cincinnati

The Cretan Labyrinth: Monument & Memory from Prehistory to the Present

24 August

Paul Barratt AO, UNE

Public sector outsourcing: Can we afford it?

14 September

Felicity Joseph, UNE

‘Mute Life’ and Poetry: Philosophy at the limits of language

21 September

Francois Soyer, UNE

Performing gender in Eighteenth-Century Europe: The extraordinary life and inquisitorial trial of Maria Duran

28 September

Lloyd Weeks, UNE

Three years on at Saruq al-Hadid, Dubai: Piecing together the late prehistoric societies of southeastern Arabia

5 October

Sandy Boucher, UNE

There is no (longer any) problem of biological teleology

12 October Lorina Barker, UNE - title to be advised

Trimester One, 2018 (March - June)

9 March

Professor Hans Taeuber,

Daily life in ancient Ephesos: The evidence from the graffiti

16 March

Peter J Crawford, How seriously does Australia take water security? Political assertion versus reality

23 March

Bronwyn Hopwood

The Good Wife: Fate, fortune, & familia in Augustan Rome

13 April

Jim Belshaw, New England travels: Journeys through space and time

4 May

Thomas Kehoe,

'Homicide was committed frequently by our soldiers': The problem for US military government during the World Wars

11 May

Alan Scott,

Populism and neo-nationalism in Europe: A tale of two countries

18 May

Iain Davidson, Signs, pictures, art, marks

25 May

Thomas Fudge, Where are all the women in the Hussite Revolution?

1 June

Mal Ridges, Caring for culture: The science of supporting Aboriginal culture in the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

15 June

Johanna Garnett, Myanmar and China: Economic allies in development or destruction?

22 June

Wendy Beck, The archaeology of Northeast NSW: Wetlands and cave excavations 1986-2016

29 June

Adrian Walsh, Desperate exchange and injustice

9.30 to 10.30am, Oorala lecture theatre, UNE followed by morning tea in the Humanities tea room


Video recordings of past seminars.

Linguistics Seminars

Schedule of Seminars

Individual seminar abstracts and recordings are available by following the link on the seminar title.

Previous years seminars

Note: All seminars for the months February to June will be from 1– 2 pm. Seminars for the months July to November will be from 12 – 1pm. The venue for all seminars is Oorala Lecture Theatre.

Sociology Seminars

Our research seminars present the latest research, papers and publications from our researchers. Held throughout the year, it's a great opportunity to engage with the UNE research community.

Find out about the numerous upcoming seminars, as well as viewing previous seminar  recordings:

The Sociology discipline holds regular research seminars presented by a diverse range of speakers. The series coordinator is Dr Cary Bennett.

2018 seminars

datepresenter seminar title
13 March 2018 Emeritus Professor Michael Bittman

How did the populations of advanced economies grow so much fatter? The potential contribution of time use and other evidence on the social organisation of eating

Playlist of all 2018 seminar recordings

2017 seminars

datepresenter seminar title
2 March 2017 UNE Sociology
Barriers and facilitators to inclusive education.  
30 March 2017 Dr Jo Coghlan Political Fashion: Interrogating identity and Ideology
4 May 2017 Dr Genine Hook Feminist Pedagogy for Sociology: Negotiating belonging in Australian Higher Education  
31 August 2017 Dr Guy Redden John Howard's investor state: Neoliberalism and the rise of inequality in Australia
8 September 2017 Professor Penny Jane Burke Gendered differences in Higher Education: The politics of emotion
21 September 2017 UNE Sociology Lecturers Honours and Masters in Sociology
24 October 2017 Professor Alan Scott

Remaking Market Society

Playlist of all 2017 seminar recordings

2016 seminars

Individual abstracts and recordings are available by following the link on the seminar title.

datepresenter seminar title
3 May 2016 Dr Cary Bennett Polymorphous anxieties and perverse pleasures: drugs, moral panics and the dispositive
14 September 2016 UNE Sociology lecturers Sociology Honours/Masters information session recording
15 September 2016 Dr Jordan McKenzie Book Launch: Deconstructing Happiness: Critical Sociology and the Good life (2016, Routledge)

Playlist of all 2016 seminar recordings