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The languages of learning

UNE linguistics PhD student Rafi Saleh in front of UNE's historic Booloominbah House.

Higher education can help make or break cultural diversity, says University of New England (UNE) PhD linguistics student Rafi Saleh. “Using all the languages spoken by students in the classroom must be done strategically, but when it is, it can improve learning outcomes in both language and content learning, as well as student satisfaction and self-esteem.”

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Public Lectures and Seminars

Each year the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences hosts a number of public lectures. Our public lectures feature renowned national and international scholars and are always open to the community to attend.

Russel Ward Annual Lecture

The Russel Ward Annual Lecture honours the memory and legacy of one of the University's most renowned scholars, Emeritus Professor Russel Braddock Ward. Russel Ward taught at UNE from 1957, and was Deputy Chancellor of UNE from 1981–1989.

Aspects of Antiquity Lecture Series

The Aspects of Antiquity Lecture attracts distinguished national and international scholars to provide stimulating talks on the history, literature, thought, material culture, and reception of the civilisations of the Ancient Mediterranean. Visiting scholars usually present an evening talk at the Aspects of Antiquity Lecture Series followed by a morning lecture at the Humanities Seminar Series.

The Aspects of Antiquity Lecture Series is sponsored by the UNE Alumni Association and Humanities.

Maurice Kelly Lecture

The Maurice Kelly Lecture is presented each year by a distinguished researcher on invitation from the Museum of Antiquities.

Research Seminar Series

Our research seminars present the latest research, papers and publications from our researchers. Held throughout the year, these seminars are a great opportunity to engage with the UNE research community.

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