Study French

Our courses cater for beginners to PhD level and include options in French language, literature, translation, and cultural units. If you're just starting your study of French, the language units combine all of these elements. Once you have mastered the basics, you can choose to focus on a particular area.

You can study the language, literature and culture of France and other Francophone countries.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Looking to do a French major? The undergraduate courses listed below link to the Course and Unit Catalogue. From there go to Course Rules and Plans, then scroll down to Program of Study.

We offer an undergraduate major in French in a range of undergraduate degrees, plus there's a range of other course options for studying French.

Study on campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home, or abroad.

Undergraduate courses

French can be studied as a major in the following bachelor degrees. You can also study French as an elective in almost any Bachelor's course offered at UNE; check the course rules from the links below to see how many electives you are permitted to include.

Bachelor degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Arts)

Bachelor of International Studies

Bachelor of International and Language Studies

Bachelor of Languages

Bachelor of Languages and International Business

For Bachelor Honours see under postgraduate courses.

Undergraduate diplomas

Study French in either:

Diploma in Modern Languages

Advanced Diploma in Arts

Honours and postgraduate courses

French can also be studied at postgraduate level in coursework or research programs.

Bachelor honours

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Postgraduate coursework

Postgraduate research

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Our staff

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In-country language study

You can also choose to spend a trimester or two overseas in France or Canada. In-country study is compulsory in the Bachelor of Languages, the Bachelor of Languages and International Business, and the Bachelor of International and Language Studies.

UNE has exchange agreements with universities in:

Career options for French graduates

French speaking people have opportunities to work in:

  • United Nations (UN) — along with English, French is the official working language of the UN
  • European Community
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Humanitarian work.

Because French is the mother tongue of more than 90 million people in the world, and is the second language of millions of others spread across 42 countries, French language skills are advantageous in:

  • international business
  • the technology sector
  • foreign affairs and trade
  • archaeology
  • teaching
  • tourism.

Partnerships and networks

French staff in our School partner and network with a range of national and international associations.

Further information

For more information about our courses and studying at UNE, please contact AskUNE.