Professor Adrian Walsh

Professor - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Adrian Walsh

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Adrian Walsh works predominantly in political philosophy, the philosophy of economics and applied ethics, although he also has a keen interest in questions of philosophical methodology and in political questions concerning the proper boundaries between scientific disciplines. He has published widely in these areas.
Walsh has been at UNE since 1997 and in that time he has taught on a diverse range of topics including, bioethics, critical reasoning, social and political philosophy, game theory, the metaphysics of personhood and philosophical method.  He has held research fellowships at the University of St Andrews and the University of Helsinki and is currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Philosophy. At the present time he is working on a book on Water and Distributive Justice.  His most recent publication is the co-edited book The Ethical Underpinnings of Climate Economics (Routledge 2016).


BA(Hons)(Flinders), Ph.D. (Melb)

Teaching Areas

Coordinator PHIL101 - Bioethics
Coordinator HUMS103 – Controversies: Foundations of Critical Social Analysis
Coordinator PHIL151 - Introduction to Philosophy A: The Examined Life
Coordinator PHIL308/508 - Friendship, Love and Sex
Coordinator PHIL342/542 - Ethical Theory 
Coordinator PHIL375/575 - Social Philosophy: Issues in Applied Ethics
PHIL401H - Philosophy Hons Coursework
PHIL402H - Philosophy Hons Dissertation

Research Interests

Adrian Walsh’s research interests are concentrated in Political Philosophy and Applied Ethics.  In political philosophy he has worked on questions of distributive justice, the normative underpinnings of economic theory, the concept of meaningful work and the ethical status of markets and of commercialisation. In applied ethics he is interested in questions surrounding the commercialisation of many ordinary social practice such as sport, the allocation of water and organ donation. He also has been deeply involved in recent debates about the extent to which the importation of methods from one discipline to another might be regarded as unwarrantedly imperialistic. He is currently working on a book on the just distribution of water.


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