Dr (María) Celina Bortolotto

Adjunct Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

(María) Celina Bortolotto


María Celina Bortolotto moved to NZ from the US in 2008 and in 2011 joined the Spanish Programme at Massey University. She started as an Adjunct Lecturer in Spanish at UNE in 2012.Celina loves people, books and good food.


PhD in English and Comparative Literature (2008), UNC (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), USA

Teaching Areas

SPAN203 The Sound of Spanish: Diction, Dialects and Diversity
SPAN301 Advanced Spanish Language
SPAN304 Theory and Practice of Translation
SPAN305 Latin American Voices

Research Interests

I am interested in exploring the interrelation between cultural values and individual emotions as it is represented in literary fiction. My research uses a particular interdisciplinary approach to read and interpret the relation between emotions (especially shame and humour) and cultural identities in contemporary fiction from the Caribbean, Latin America and the U.S.A., bringing together literary criticism, psychoanalytical research and postcolonial and gender theory.

Research Supervision Experience

As Post-Graduate (Co-) Supervisor

Honours thesis – Paddy Quinn “Enseñando quiénes somos: Anticuadas representaciones sexistas y racistas en dos manuales escolares en uso en las escuelas colombianas de la costa caribe”. (Completed Nov 2015, 1st class) School of Arts, UNE.

Ph.D. thesis – Shazrah Salam “A Feminist Reading of Contemporary Pakistani Fiction in English” (enrolled 2012) with Dr. Kim Worthington, School of English and Media Studies, Massey University.

M.A. thesis – Raquel Direnzo “Emotional Engagement in Second Language Teaching of Spanish” (enrolled 2014) with Dr. Cynthia White, School of Humanities, Massey University.


Bortolotto, MC. (2017). Historias de patitos feos: humor, vergüenza, narcisismo y oralidad en La traición de Rita Hayworth (1968) y La patografía (1998) Ugly Duckling Tales: Humour, Shame, Narcissism and Orality in La traición de Rita Hayworth (1968) and La patografía (1998). Taller de Letras. (60), 107-121.

White, C., Direnzo, R., & Bortolotto, C. (2016). The learner-context interface: Emergent issues of affect and identity in technology-mediated language learning spaces. System. 62, 3-14.

Lawn, Jenny, Celina Bortolotto, Kim Worthington, and Allen Meek, eds. The limits of responsibility: Ethics, histories, politicsBorderlands e-journal 14.2 (October 2015).

“Un feminismo trans-diferencia: autismo, antropocentrismo y género en La mujer que buceó dentro del corazón del mundo (2010) de Sabina Berman.” Romance Notes. 55.2 (2015): 215-226.

"Just About Me: Shame, Narcissistic Masochism and Camp in Emanuel Xavier's Christ-Like (1999)." Label Me Latina/o. 3.2 (2013). September, 2013.


  • MLA (Modern Languages Association –US)
  • NZALT (New Zealand Association of Language Teachers)
  • Editorial Committee member of US journal Label me Latina/o