Dr Tristan Taylor

Lecturer - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Tristan Taylor

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Email: tristan.taylor@une.edu.au


Tristan came to UNE via circuitous route following completion of his law degree at the University of Tasmania in 2000, completing an Honors thesis on quota management in Australian fisheries. He subsequently completed an MA in Roman Law at the same institution and ultimately a PhD in Classics at Yale University in 2010. He has taught in both law, particularly Introduction to Law, Roman Law and Criminal Law, and Classics, including Latin, Greek and Ancient History. He was a Visiting Fellow in Genocide Studies in the Yale University Genocide Studies Program in 2013-14 and was awarded a UNE Partnerships Grant for his work on comparative genocide studies in the Roman world., In addition, he has worked professionally along the way in Fisheries Law, the Law of the Sea, Indigenous Law, Natural Resources Law and Environmental Law in consultancies and for the Commonwealth National Oceans Office. His main research interests are Roman Law and Society, Comparative Genocide Studies, and Roman imperial ideology.


PhD (Yale) 2010, MPhil (Yale) 2007, MA (Yale) 2006, MA (UTas) 2006, BA/LLB (Hons)(UTas) 2000, BA (Hons)(UTas) 1998

Teaching Areas

ANCH110 Introduction to Ancient Greece
ANCH111 Introduction to Ancient Rome
ANCH312/512 Rome of the Caesars
HINQ101 The Historian
HIST510 Massacre and Genocide: Histories of Atrocity
HIST513 Imperialism in the Roman Principate
CLLA101 Introduction to Classical Languages
CLLA102 Classical Languages Through Reading
CLLA201 Intermediate Classical Languages
CLLA202 Intermediate Classical Texts
CLLA301 Advanced Classical Languages
CLLA302 Advanced Classical Texts
CLLA303 Classical Prose Texts
CLLA304 Classical Verse Texts
CLAS401H Classics Honours Coursework
CLAS402H Classics Honours Dissertation

Research Interests

Current Projects

Mass Violence and Genocide in the Roman World (monograph under contract to Ashgate Publishing – forthcoming 2015). A book project under contract to Ashgate.

'Social Status and Legal Status (Including Legal Privilege)' in C. Ando, P. Du Plessis, K. Tuori (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Roman Law (Oxford: Oxford Uni. Press, Forthcoming 2014) Ch. 33. A book chapter for Oxford University Press.

Cook, C., Creyke, R., Geddes, H, Hamer, D. and Taylor, T., Laying Down the Law (9th Ed, Sydney: LexisNexis, 2014 – Under Contract to LexisNexis). The latest edition of this textbook Tyrants and Saviours, Emperors and Pretenders: Usurpation in the Roman Empire 193-305 CE. A monograph under consideration by Brill for the series Mnemosyne Supplements, History and Archaeology in Classical Antiquity

Selection of Grants and Awards 

2014 - UNE Partnerships Grant for comparative genocide studies in the Roman world.

2013-4 - Visiting Fellow in Genocide Studies in the Yale University Genocide Studies Program.



Cook, C., Creyke, R., Geddes, R. and Hamer, D. with Taylor, T. Laying Down the Law (LexisNexis Butterworths, 8th ed, 2012).

Articles and Book Chapters

Taylor, T., 'Silius Italicus and History' in L. Fratantuono and C. Stark (eds). Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Latin Epic 14-96 CE (In Press)

Taylor, T., 'Magic and Property: The Legal Context to Apuleius' Apologia'45 (2011) Antichthon149-66.

Taylor, T., '(Mis)information Revolutions' in M. Trofomov and V. Gouschin (eds.), Antiquitas Classica(Azbuka Morse, 2011) (Forthcoming).

Taylor, T. Update of Halsbury's Laws of Australia 'Primary Industry: FISHERIES', III (Sydney: LexisNexis, 2013 – in press).


Review of A. Schiavone, The Invention of Law in the West (Harvard: Belknap Press, 2012) in  Classical Review  63(2) (2013) 518-20.

Review of S. Hornblower, The Greek World (4th ed. London: Routledge, 2011) for Ancient History: Resources for Teachers 39(2) (2009) 264-9 (Published 2012).

Review of R. Knapp, Invisible Romans (Cambridge: Harvard, 2011) in BMCR 2012.07.03.

Review of W. Eck, Augustus(Blackwell, 2003) in Eras 6 (2004).

Selected Refereed Conferences

'Fog of Peace: (Pseudo)-Alliances on the Coins of Late Roman Usurpers', American Philological Association Conference, Chicago, USA, January 2014 (Abstract accepted).

'Mass-Enslavement in Caesar's Gallic Conquest: A Case Study', Classical Association Conference, Reading, UK, April 2013.

'Law's Victory, Victory's Laws: Law in the Aftermath of Civil War in Late Antiquity', Australasian Classical Association Conference, Sydney, Australia, January 2013.

'History or Cliche? Themes in Third Century Coinage' American Philological Association Conference, Seattle, USA, January 2013.

'Caesar's Gallic Genocide? A Case Study in Ancient Mass Violence', Classical Association Conference, Exeter, UK, April 2012.

'Lost in Transmission: Themes in Third Century Coinage', Australasian Society for Classical Studies Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, January 2011.'More than Mere Markers: Making Magnentius' Milestones Meaningful', APA Conference, San Antonio, USA, January 2011.


American Philological Association

Australasian Society for Classical studies

Classical Association (UK)

Association of Ancient Historians

Australasian Law Teachers Association

Further Information

Service and Administrative Duties
2016 UNE Representative, Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS)
2015 Coordinator of Classics Honours, School of Humanities, UNE
2014-3 Plagiarism Officer, School of Law, UNE