Dr Bronwyn Hopwood

Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Bronwyn Hopwood

Phone: +61 2 6773 2216

Email: bhopwood@une.edu.au


PhD (USyd), BA Hons I (USyd), LLB Hons II (USyd), GCHE (UNE), GCA (UNE)

Teaching Areas

ANCH111Introduction to Ancient Rome
ANCH313/513Augustus and the Roman Revolution
ANCH315/515The Shadow of Vesuvius:  Pompeii and Herculaneum
ANCH318//518 The Romans: From Cradle To Grave
ANCH401H Honours in Ancient History Coursework
ANCH402HHonours in Ancient History Dissertation
HUMS301/507Roman Personalities Research Projects
HUMS301/507 Projects with the Museum of Antiquities

Research Interests

ORCID 0000 0002 3039 2936

Dr Hopwood’s research interests include the politics and society of Republican and Julio-Claudian Rome, Roman women, law, rhetoric, and the material culture of the Roman world.  Dr Hopwood is also Curator of the Museum of Antiquities.  A selection of her current projects include: “The New UNEMA,” an OEH Heritage Near Me Grant Project: “The Past In Your Palm,” and “The UNEMA Automaton Project.”

Selection of Publications

2019 ‘The Good Wife: Fate, fortune and familia in Augustan Rome,’ in Morrell, K., Osgood, J., & Welch, K., eds., The Alternative Age of Augustus, Oxford University Press, (in press).

2018 Hopwood, B., ‘UNEMA’s Greek core-formed alabastron,’ The Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens Bulletin 14: 39, with Front Cover photo by Sharon Marshall

2018 Hopwood, B., & Gill, J., eds., 'The Museum of Antiquities: Celebrating A.G. McCready 1916-2016,' UNEMA Commemorative Booklets, 2018, 1: 1-8.

2017 The Fashion For Thought Exhibition, UNEMA

2017 Hopwood, B., "International Ask A Curator Week" Interview for the LEGO Classicists Blog, Parts 1-3:


2016 Hopwood, B., ‘The University of New England Museum of Antiquities,’ in Ridley, R.T., with Marshall, B., and Morrell, K., eds., Fifty Treasures: Classical Antiquities in Australian and New Zealand Universities, Australasian Society for Classical Studies, Melbourne, 63-73.

2015 'Hortensia Speaks: An Authentic Voice of Resistance,' in Welch, K. ed., Appian's Roman History: Empire and Civil War, Classical Press of Wales.

2015 Hopwood, B., 'Hidden Treasures at the Museum of Antiquities,' UNEMA Treasure Hunt Activity Booklet; and, 2015 Hopwood, B., "Peek-a-Boo-I See You": Hide and Seek in the Museum of Antiquities,' UNEMA Activity Booklet.

Hopwood, B., ‘Agrippa Postumus,’ ‘Agrippina Maior,’ 'Antonia Minor', ‘Gaius and Lucius Caesar,’ ‘Julia, the daughter of Augustus,’ ‘lex Oppia,’ ‘Octavia Minor,’ The Encyclopedia of Ancient History, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford 2017, 2016, 2011.

2010 Hopwood, B., 'Great Disasters in Human History: still burning books in the age of information," APH August 2011.

2009 Hopwood, B.,  'Livia and the lex Voconia', in Herring, E., & Lomas, K., eds., Gender Identities in Italy in the First Millennium BC, BAR Int. S1983, 143-148.

2007  Hopwood, B., 'The Testament of Sempronius Tuditanus', Antichthon 41: 1-12.

2001 Hopwood, B., 'Livy and the Repeal of the lex Oppia', Stele 5: 121-139.

Selection of Grants and Awards

2017      NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Grant Project: “The Past In Your Palm”

2016      Museums and Galleries NSW VIM Grant Project: “Perfecting Past Perfect”

2015      Vice-Chancellor’s Scholars Special Project: “The UNEMA Schools Project”

2015      Museums and Galleries NSW VIM Grant Project: “Getting In Touch”

2013      OLT Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
2011      Faculty of Arts and Sciences Schools Excellence in Teaching Award
2011      Faculty of Arts and Sciences Teaching Development Grant
2005      University Research Project Grant
2004      Faculty of Arts Research Project Grant

Supervision of Research

Dr Hopwood has supervised and examined a variety of doctoral, masters, and honours research theses, as well as coursework research projects. A selection of the research supervised includes:

2017   Significance Research Projects in the Museum of Antiquities, UNE
2016    Ovid and his Wife
2015    Rome and the Social War
2012    Cicero's Career and the Commentariolum Petitionis
2007    Roman Imperialism in Dacia
2006    The Mosaics of Roman Pompeii
2006    Cicero and Roman Inheritance
2005    Women in Roman Republican Literature
2004    Livia (Iulia Augusta)


Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS)
Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies (AWAWS)

Further Information

Service and Administrative Duties

2018Convenor of the ASCS 40 (2019) Feb., Annual Conference
2017Master of Arts Course Coordinator
2016-2014Discipline Convenor, Classics and Ancient History, UNE
2016-2014School of Humanities Executive Committee, UNE
2014-2011School of Humanities Research Committee, UNE
2015-2014 Discipline Convenor, Classics and Ancient History, UNE
2015-2014 School of Humanities Executive Committee, UNE
2013-2011 School of Humanities Research Committee, UNE
2012-2011    HDR Coordinator, School of Humanities UNE
2013-2011    Academic Board Higher Degree Research Committee (ABHDRC), UNE
2011-2003    Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS), UNE Representative
2013-2009    Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS), Essay Competition Marker
2013-2010           Library Liaison Officer, Classics and Ancient History, UNE
OngoingAustralasian Society for Classical Studies NESA Representative
OngoingMuseum of Antiquities Management Committee
OngoingCurator of Museum of Antiquities (UNEMA)
Seasonal              Classics and Ancient History Academic Tour Program