Automated External Defibrillators

Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s)

UNE has recently purchased and installed 21 Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) throughout the Academic and Bellevue Campuses.  We recommend you look at the table below and identify the nearest unit to you.

All AED’s are of the same variety (Zoll AED Plus) and a regular maintenance schedule will be rolled out so that the AED’s are functional at all times.

Training in the use of AEDs will be provided as part of the monthly first aid courses that are available through Web Kiosk.

Appropriate first aid facilities, including adequate response to heart-attacks, was raised and discussed in the Workplace Health and Safety Committee in 2015. The outcome of the subsequent working party deliberations of 2016 was that there was sufficient risk associated with the demographics of staff, and the activities of students, that required a whole of campus response.

CampusLocation of AED by Building NameBuilding Number
AcademicDixon Library FoyerC031
 FMS Office FoyerN005
 Sport UNES032A
 Sport UNE Sports Science LabS032A
 The Patricia O’Shane Building FoyerC013
 Earth SciencesC002
 Botany Building FoyerS002
 Mary White College Office FoyerS178
 Yarm Gwanga FoyerC019
 JSF BarkerW011
 ITD Building main entranceC034
 Oorala FoyerE022
 Business School FoyerW040
 Booloominbah (being installed on the 29th May)S011
BellevueWright College Office FoyerB121
 Campus Safety CentreB089
 Bellevue Oval Rugby Grandstand Bar AreaB113
OtherBelgrave Cinema - front desk 
 Smart Farm - foyer 
 Two mobile units in safety & security vehicles