An Introduction to Statistical Analysis Using SPSS

A School of Education seminar presented on March 8th, 2017 by Dr Rob Whannell

Experiments or surveys must be designed in such a way that they provide the information you need in the correct format. A researcher must have a clear idea of his/her research questions and how they may go about addressing these questions. Knowledge of statistical techniques that are available, what sorts of variables are suitable and which ones are not, are essential. Another essential skill is the ability to perform a selected statistical analysis and interpret the output correctly. Finally, this output needs to be related back to the original research question and how the findings can be presented in a report.
This seminar session will provide an introduction to statistical analysis using SPSS. The following aspects will be covered:
·     Tips and suggestions for designing a study to collect good quality data
·     Data preparation in a format suitable for SPSS
·     Data entry in SPSS
·     Examples of common analyses available within SPSS (this can be done using the sample data available with SPSS or people can bring their own data on their computers)
·     Interpretation of outputs from some analyses