Research Data Management: services supporting your research

A School of Education seminar presented on July 12, 2017 by Gabrielle Lamb, Thomas Reeson and Dr Paddy Tobias

University of New England’s PVCR recently made an announcement regarding the University’s new procedures and the services supporting research data management. This information session is designed to introduce these new measures and support available for researchers and will cover:

  • The new requirements on researchers
  • The broader context of these requirements in relation to compliance with the Australia Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, the movements of major journals such as Nature and PLOS, ARC grants and expected changes to ERA assessments in the future
  • How to use UNE’s new services such as and create and publish a metadata record in e-Publications@
  • And, how to benefit from the DOI issuing service now offered by the Library

UNE is progressing projects to lift our research data management maturity to better support our research community. Attendance at this information session will provide an opportunity to engage with and inform this project, and to ask questions about what the University Library can do to assist your research.