Criminology Research Seminar Series

UNE's Criminology discipline presents several research seminars each year. Members of the public are also welcome to attend.

2016 seminars

Playlist of 2016 seminar recordings

datelocationpresenter seminar title
12pm 28 April 2016 Paul Barratt Lecture Theatre, Psychology Building, UNE Dr Helena Menih

People need to understand why we are who we are: an ethnographic study of homeless women in Brisbane

4 August 2016 Oorala Lecture Theatre, UNE Dr Alyce McGovern 'Just Waitin' For a Mate': Police Reality Television as a Public Relations Strategy
30 September 2016 Oorala Lecture Theatre, UNE Dr Samantha Jeffries Exploring women's and men's pathways to imprisonment in Thailand: ethical, practical and theoretical challenges (contact Matthew Allen for details)

2015 seminars

Individual abstracts can be found by following the link on the seminar title.

datepresenterseminar title
28 April 2015Dr Garner Clancey, Sydney Law School, University of SydneyContemporary Crime Trends and Crime Prevention
19 May 2015Christina Kenny, PhD candidate, Australian National UniversityShe's not a witch, she's just a very naughty woman: Embodied resistance in the Colony of Kenya and the case of Mekatilili
14 September 2015Steve Bradshaw, retired Assistant Commisioner, NSW PolicePolicing the Outback
6 October 2015Dr Matthew Allen, Lecturer in Historical Criminology, UNESober and Orderly? A Short History of Policing Public Drunkenness in New South Wales