Rethinking Peace, Conflict and Governance Conference

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A conference to reflect on peacebuilding issues in the 21st century

Dates: 12–14 February 2020

Venue: University of New England (UNE) Parramatta Campus, Sydney, Australia.


This conference hosted by UNE Peace Studies will bring together scholars, postgraduate students, policymakers and practitioners contributing to the discourses and practices of sustainable peacebuilding.

Conflicts in the 21st century have become increasingly complex and require innovative frameworks to guide peacemaking and peacebuilding. In keeping with the interests of peace studies at UNE (with students from Sierra Leone to Mongolia and from Italy to Bangladesh), the geographical scope of this conference will be global.


There will be keynote presentations from leaders in the field as well as from conference delegates selected from the submission of abstracts as described below.

Call for papers and participation

Scholars, postgraduate students, policymakers and practitioners are invited to submit abstracts for papers within a broad range of peacebuilding issues, challenges and possible solutions, with a focus on peace, conflict and governance in any region of the world.

Papers on peace history, museums and parks, and peace education will also be considered. Please email abstracts of 250 words to Mahbub Alam Prodip by 30 August 2019.

Acceptance of Abstracts will be notified by 30 September 2019. Nominations of topics for panels and panel members will be welcomed.

Conference program

This will be advised in due course after evaluation of abstracts.

Conference fees

Conference registration fees are as follows:

  • Standard registration fee: AUD $200.
  • Concessional registration fee (students and unwaged): AUD $70.
  • Conference dinner: AUD $50.
  • Aboriginal-themed excursion (final day of conference program): AUD $50

Rates include lunch, morning and afternoon tea/coffee.

Click here to register to attend

All participants must register by 30 December 2019.

Visas, travel and accommodation

All participants are advised to organise these well ahead of time. Information will be available on the conference website to assist you.