Application to Audition Form

You are required to complete an audition as part of the entry requirements for the following:

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary Music)
  • Diploma in Music Skills
  • Bachelor of Education (In-Service Conversion) Schedule C (Music)

Note that the auditions process is separate to applying for admission. Please complete the Application to Audition Form below as well as submit your application for admission to your course.

  • If you experience any difficulties with the audition form or have a general query about the audition, please email
  • If you require technical support for your online application, call UAC on 1300 275 822 (from mobiles on (02) 9752 0200) or use UAC’s enquiry form.
  • Queries about the status of your application for admission should be directed to Student Success, or you can submit your question via AskUNE.

Providing your documents

Please prepare your Personal Statement and any documents supporting an application for a waiver of the audition so that you are ready to upload them with this form. Visit the Music Auditions page for a reminder of the audition requirements.

  • Please name and size your files according to the instructions below.
  • If for any reason you are unable to provide your file/s with your form, we will contact you once you have submitted the form.
    • File Size: less than 2MB per file
    • File Type: .pdf (preferred) or .doc/.docx
    • File Name: You MUST include your surname when naming your file/s (e.g. SURNAME_Personal_Statement.doc, SURNAME_AMEB_Piano.pdf)


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This is what you will be assessed on for the audition
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Have you completed (or will you complete this year) a HSC music course? * Please select 'Not Applicable' if you completed high school in another state (not NSW).
How would you like to audition? *
If you answered 'live' to the audition question above, which location would you like?
Qualifications * Do you hold any Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) or equivalent certificates?
Please state the details of the AMEB (or equivalent) qualifications that you hold, including the year it was awarded (e.g. AMEB 6 Piano, 2016):
PERSONAL STATEMENT * Please upload your personal statement below. This is a mandatory component of the audition irrespective of whether a waiver is awarded.The personal statement is a brief composition consisting of four well-constructed and coherent paragraphs, addressing the following points (quality of written expression and presentation is assessed):

1) Tell us what has inspired you to study music and tell us why you think music is a good career choice for you (180-250 words)

In your response, describe who and what has inspired you to study music and describe the types of skills and abilities you will bring as well as your musical, professional and scholarly goals for the future.

2) Describe why you enjoyed a recent concert you have been to, or a recording you have listened to (180-250 words)

In your response, describe the performance/recording in terms of the musical content and context.

3) Describe how you manage your time when you are both planning and coordinating activities in your personal schedule (180-250 words)

In your response provide examples of how you have put both your planning and coordinating skills to use.

4) Tell us about one or two times where you have utilised your problem solving skills to achieve an outcome (180-250 words)

In your response explain what you learned, regardless of whether the outcome you achieved was positive or undesirable.

Note BEd(Secondary Music) students: This musical personal statement is in addition to personal statement required for the School of Education.

Files need to be less than 2MB for upload.


Do you wish to apply for a Waiver of the Audition? * If you have been awarded or undertaken any of the following (or their equivalents) within the last 8 years you are eligible to  apply for a waiver of the practical performance and/or the theory component of the audition.Please upload copies of your certificates/transcripts with this form so that we can assess your eligibility for an audition waiver. * AMEB Grade 6 or above in your instrument/voice * AMEB Grade 4 or above in musicianship/theory * Associate Diploma in Music (AMusA) * Licentiate Diploma in Music (LMusA) * Relevant units or courses completed at other institutions * Current relevant industry experience.
Audition Waiver: Supporting Documents * Document uploads can't be over 2MB is file size. If your supporting document is larger than 2MB, you could split it into multiple documents with the option to upload up to five files below.  However, if you are able to submit your documents as a single file all the better!

Please be patient once you click on the submit button. It may take a little while to process your documents for upload and for you to arrive at the 'Thank You' page.

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