Teaching the distinctive language of Science: An integrated and scaffolded approach for pre-service teachers

A School of Education seminar presented on April 12th by Dr Frances Quinn & Dr Susan Feez

The need to include in teacher education models of how to integrate the teaching of specialised science literacies with the teaching of science is recognised in the field of science education, but examples in the literature of how this might be achieved in practice are rare. To address this gap, Science and English teacher educators in the School of Education collaboratively designed a teaching sequence which modelled for student teachers how in the middle years of school a genre-based literacy pedagogy might be integrated with an inquiry-based approach to science education. The teaching sequence addressed content descriptors from the Science Understanding strand and Science Inquiry skills: Communicating sub-strand of the Australian curriculum: science. In this seminar the collaboration between the Science and English teacher educators will be critically reviewed in terms of its potential to impact classroom practice.

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