University Cultural and Creative Arts Network

U-CCAN is a research network of writers of fiction, poetry, plays and biography, musicians, composers, directors and literary studies scholars.

About our network

We are writers of fiction, poetry, plays, creative non-fiction and biography; we are actors, directors, musicians, and composers; and we are researchers, cultural historians and literary studies scholars. We are active researchers in our individual fields and as cross-disciplinary collaborators.

U-CCAN advocates for the creative and cultural arts in the interests of both creative practice research and supporting community-based creative arts events. Our activities are focused around emerging fields of scholarly enquiry and artistic practice and our strong connections with professional and community organisations.

We have a strong collaborative relationship with local arts bodies for music, theatre and performance such as NECOM, NEWC, NERAM, AIMA and Australia-wide institutions including Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (Penrith), Riverside Theatres (Parramatta), and Playlab Theatre (Brisbane).

Our members 
Name Discipline area
Alana Blackburn Music and Education
Dr Cate Dowd Media and Communications
Dr Jeremy Fisher Writing
Dr Yvonne Griggs Media and Communications
Dr Ivana Gulic English, Media and Communications
Dr Stephen Harris English
Dr Donna Hewitt Music
Dr Richard JordanTheatre
Sophie Masson English, Media and Communications, Writing
Dr Jane O'Sullivan Media and Communications
Dr Helena Pastor English and Writing
Professor Anne Pender English and Theatre
Dr Janice Shaw English, Media and Communications
Dr Julie Shearer Theatre
Dr Paul SmithMusic
Dr Jason Stoessel Music
Dr Rosemary Williamson Writing
Dr Marty Branagan Peace Studies
News and events 

Upcoming events

Faculty of HASSE Research Summit 2020 - November 3-5, 11-12 via zoom


Richard Jordan's bold environmental drama wins in NYC

Interview with student and playwright, Dylan Van Den Berg

Past seminars
  • “P.S. #MeToo”: A HASSE Symposium (2019)
  • Judith Wright Lectures
  • Gordon Athol Lectures (1989-2018)