Dr Ariella Van Luyn

Lecturer in Writing - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Ariella Van Luyn

Phone: +61 2 6773 1879

Email: avanluyn@une.edu.au

Twitter: @ariellavl


Ariella Van Luyn holds a PhD in creative writing from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She is the author of a novel, Treading Air (2016), and several short stories published in Overland, Southerly, Voiceworks, The Lifted Brow and elsewhere. She has co-edited a scholarly book, Sharing qualitative research: Showing lived experiences and community narratives (2016). Her research interests include historical fiction, oral history, community narratives, practice-led research and regional creativity.


PhD, Bachelor of Creative Industries (Creative Writing) (Hons Class 1)

Teaching Areas

Academic, professional and creative writing

Research Interests

Historical fiction, fiction, practice-led research, community narratives, regional writing

2016: Townsville City Council T150 Grant, Townsville’s Pioneering Road: Storytelling in the Virtual Museum, $8,500

Research Supervision Experience


Primary advisor: Nicole Crowe, No woman is an island: Humour, Ethics and Identity in the Australian Regional Family Memoir

Status: commenced fulltime Feb 2015, APA scholarship, passed confirmation

Primary advisor: Gillian Long, Shadows in the Cane: An Exploration of the Redressal Capacities of Historical Fiction to Depict Labour Unrest in the Cane Fields of Far North Queensland 1930s

Status: commenced fulltime June 2016

Primary advisor: Louise Henry, Bones and Shadows: Navigating the ethics of recovering women’s stories using imagination, memory and oral histories

Status: commenced fulltime Feb 2017, APA scholarship

Secondary advisor: Helen Ramoutsaki, Wet: An Appetite for the Tropics - Evoking Connections with the Wet Tropics Environment through Poetry in Live Performance

Status: currently under examination, APA scholarship

Secondary advisor: Sandra Bulger, Writing down your sorrow: exploring the influence of story writing on the grief healing process after stillbirth loss

Status: commenced part time 2013, passed confirmation as excellent


Lucy Bonano (Jt, Anthro.), Narratives of Place: The Value of Oral History in Understanding the Personal Significance of Landscapes

Status: complete 2015, First class

Therese Evert, Carpentaria: Speaking Back Through Style

Status: complete 2015, Frist class


Creative works:


Van Luyn, Ariella. 2016. Treading Air. Affirm Press.

Short Stories

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2018. ‘A Scree of Lantana.’ Island 152 https://islandmag.com/shop/island-152

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2015. Bulldozer. Spineless Wonders Michael McGirr Selects Series. http://spinelesswonders.tomely.com/bulldozer

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2015. St Helena. Southerly. Australian Dreams 2.

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2015. Burning The Green. Winner, Townsville City Council Short Story Competition. Tincture. Volume 11. http://tincture-journal.com/2015/10/21/burning-the-green-by-ariella-van-luyn/

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2014. The Cunning Folk. Overland. Summer fiction edition. https://overland.org.au/previous-issues/issue-216-5-summer-fiction/fiction-ariella-van-luyn/

Academic works:

Edited scholarly books

Gair, Susan and Van Luyn, Ariella. (Eds). (2017) Sharing qualitative research: Showing lived experiences and community narratives. Routledge.

Scholarly book chapters

Van Luyn, Ariella, Gair, Susan, and Saunders, Vicki. ‘“Transcending the limits of logic”: Poetic Inquiry as a qualitative research method for working with vulnerable communities. In Gair, S., and Van Luyn, A (Eds.). Sharing qualitative research: Showing lived experiences and community narratives. Routledge. (Under contract, due for publication early 2017).

Van Luyn, Ariella. ‘Sharing place-based stories using digital tools: locative literature and regional writing communities.’ In Gair, S., and Van Luyn, A (Eds.). Sharing qualitative research: Showing lived experiences and community narratives. Routledge. (Under contract, due for publication early 2017).

Klaebe, Helen and Ariella Van Luyn. 2015. ‘In the wake of Cyclone Yasi: Facilitating community driven narrative projects.’ In Knowledge in Action : university-community engagement in Australia. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, pp. 132-150.

Van Luyn, Ariella and Helen Klaebe. 2014. ‘Making stories matter: Using participatory new media storytelling and evaluation to serve marginalised and regional communities.’ In Janet McDonald and Robert Mason (eds), Creative Communities: Regional Inclusion and the Arts. Bristol: Intellect Press.

Peer-reviewed papers

Van Luyn, Ariella and Glade-Wright, Robyn. 2018. ‘Changing tertiary landscapes for the artist-academic: towards a framework for nurturing creative arts research beyond the PhD.’ TEXT. 51(1). http://www.textjournal.com.au/speciss/issue51/VanLuyn&GladeWright.pdf

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2018. ‘(In)famous subjects: Representing Women’s Criminality and Violence in Historical Biofictions.’ New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing.https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/14790726.2018.1439510

Van Luyn, Ariella, Joseph, Chantelle and Barrett, Jennifer (2017). Constructing historical fiction at the intersection of history, imagination, emotion and myth: a creative practice-led research approach. Journal of Historical Fictions (currently under peer review)

Van Luyn, Ariella, Carter, M., & M'Balla-Ndi, M. (2016). Using student videos of fictional scenarios in the prevention of cyberbullying in higher education settings. Journal of Applied Youth Studies, 1(3). http://cayr.info/jays-v-1-n-2/

Barnett, Adam; Abrantes, Katya; Baker, Ronald; Diedrich, Amy; Farr, Marina; Kuilboer, Alf; Mahony, Tracey; McLeod, Ian; Moscardo, Gianna; Prideaux, Murray; Stoeckl, Natalie; van Luyn, Ariella; Sheaves, Marcus. 2016. Sportfisheries, Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Developing Best Practice. Fish and Fisheries (Accepted).

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2013. Artful Life Stories: Enriching Creative Practice Through Oral History. Text. 17(1). http://www.textjournal.com.au/april13/vanluyn.htm.

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2012. Jogging Alongside or Bumping Off? Oral History and Fiction in Dialogue. Oral History Association of Australia Journal. 34(1), 62-70.

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2011. An Obsession with Storytelling: Conducting Oral History Interviews for Creative Writing. Ejournalist 11(1).

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2010. Fictionalising Oral History: Narrative Analysis, Voice and Identity. Oral History Association of Australia Journal32(1), 68-74.


Australian Society of Authors

Editorial board, Oral History Australia Journal

Adjunct lecturer in writing, James Cook University

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