Dr Ariella Van Luyn

Lecturer in Writing - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Ariella Van Luyn

Phone: +61 2 6773 1879

Email: avanluyn@une.edu.au

Twitter: @ariellavl


Ariella Van Luyn holds a PhD in creative writing from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She is the author of a novel, Treading Air (2016), and several short stories published in Overland, Southerly, Voiceworks, The Lifted Brow and elsewhere. She has co-edited a scholarly book, Sharing qualitative research: Showing lived experiences and community narratives (2016). Her research interests include historical fiction, oral history, community narratives, practice-led research and regional creativity.


PhD, Bachelor of Creative Industries (Creative Writing) (Hons Class 1)


Australian Society of Authors

Editorial board, Oral History Australia Journal

Adjunct lecturer in writing, James Cook University

Teaching Areas

Academic, professional and creative writing

Research Interests

Historical fiction, fiction, practice-led research, community narratives, regional writing

2016: Townsville City Council T150 Grant, Townsville’s Pioneering Road: Storytelling in the Virtual Museum, $8,500


Creative works:


Van Luyn, Ariella. 2016. Treading Air. Affirm Press.

Short Stories

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2015. Bulldozer. Spineless Wonders Michael McGirr Selects Series. http://spinelesswonders.tomely.com/bulldozer

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2015. St Helena. Southerly. Australian Dreams 2.

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2015. Burning The Green. Winner, Townsville City Council Short Story Competition. Tincture. Volume 11. http://tincture-journal.com/2015/10/21/burning-the-green-by-ariella-van-luyn/

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2014. The Cunning Folk. Overland. Summer fiction edition. https://overland.org.au/previous-issues/issue-216-5-summer-fiction/fiction-ariella-van-luyn/

Academic works:

Edited scholarly books

Gair, Susan and Van Luyn, Ariella. (Eds). (2017) Sharing qualitative research: Showing lived experiences and community narratives. Routledge.

Scholarly book chapters

Van Luyn, Ariella, Gair, Susan, and Saunders, Vicki. ‘“Transcending the limits of logic”: Poetic Inquiry as a qualitative research method for working with vulnerable communities. In Gair, S., and Van Luyn, A (Eds.). Sharing qualitative research: Showing lived experiences and community narratives. Routledge. (Under contract, due for publication early 2017).

Van Luyn, Ariella. ‘Sharing place-based stories using digital tools: locative literature and regional writing communities.’ In Gair, S., and Van Luyn, A (Eds.). Sharing qualitative research: Showing lived experiences and community narratives. Routledge. (Under contract, due for publication early 2017).

Klaebe, Helen and Ariella Van Luyn. 2015. ‘In the wake of Cyclone Yasi: Facilitating community driven narrative projects.’ In Knowledge in Action : university-community engagement in Australia. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, pp. 132-150.

Van Luyn, Ariella and Helen Klaebe. 2014. ‘Making stories matter: Using participatory new media storytelling and evaluation to serve marginalised and regional communities.’ In Janet McDonald and Robert Mason (eds), Creative Communities: Regional Inclusion and the Arts. Bristol: Intellect Press.

Peer-reviewed papers

Van Luyn, Ariella, Joseph, Chantelle and Barrett, Jennifer (2017). Constructing historical fiction at the intersection of history, imagination, emotion and myth: a creative practice-led research approach. Journal of Historical Fictions (currently under peer review)

Van Luyn, Ariella, Carter, M., & M'Balla-Ndi, M. (2016). Using student videos of fictional scenarios in the prevention of cyberbullying in higher education settings. Journal of Applied Youth Studies, 1(3). http://cayr.info/jays-v-1-n-2/

Barnett, Adam; Abrantes, Katya; Baker, Ronald; Diedrich, Amy; Farr, Marina; Kuilboer, Alf; Mahony, Tracey; McLeod, Ian; Moscardo, Gianna; Prideaux, Murray; Stoeckl, Natalie; van Luyn, Ariella; Sheaves, Marcus. 2016. Sportfisheries, Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Developing Best Practice. Fish and Fisheries (Accepted).

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2013. Artful Life Stories: Enriching Creative Practice Through Oral History. Text. 17(1). http://www.textjournal.com.au/april13/vanluyn.htm.

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2012. Jogging Alongside or Bumping Off? Oral History and Fiction in Dialogue. Oral History Association of Australia Journal. 34(1), 62-70.

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2011. An Obsession with Storytelling: Conducting Oral History Interviews for Creative Writing. Ejournalist 11(1). http://ejournalist.com.au/index.php

Van Luyn, Ariella. 2010. Fictionalising Oral History: Narrative Analysis, Voice and Identity. Oral History Association of Australia Journal32(1), 68-74.

Research Supervision Experience


Primary advisor: Nicole Crowe, No woman is an island: Humour, Ethics and Identity in the Australian Regional Family Memoir

Status: commenced fulltime Feb 2015, APA scholarship, passed confirmation

Primary advisor: Gillian Long, Shadows in the Cane: An Exploration of the Redressal Capacities of Historical Fiction to Depict Labour Unrest in the Cane Fields of Far North Queensland 1930s

Status: commenced fulltime June 2016

Primary advisor: Louise Henry, Bones and Shadows: Navigating the ethics of recovering women’s stories using imagination, memory and oral histories

Status: commenced fulltime Feb 2017, APA scholarship

Secondary advisor: Helen Ramoutsaki, Wet: An Appetite for the Tropics - Evoking Connections with the Wet Tropics Environment through Poetry in Live Performance

Status: currently under examination, APA scholarship

Secondary advisor: Sandra Bulger, Writing down your sorrow: exploring the influence of story writing on the grief healing process after stillbirth loss

Status: commenced part time 2013, passed confirmation as excellent


Lucy Bonano (Jt, Anthro.), Narratives of Place: The Value of Oral History in Understanding the Personal Significance of Landscapes

Status: complete 2015, First class

Therese Evert, Carpentaria: Speaking Back Through Style

Status: complete 2015, Frist class

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