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Classics and Ancient History is the study of the history, languages, and literature of the great civilisations of the ancient Mediterranean. It also provides an appreciation for the abiding influence of Classical Antiquity on the development and imagination of later cultures, including our own. The discipline of Classics and Ancient History welcomes you to UNE and hopes that, with us, you will take the opportunity to peer into the past, enrich your present, and illuminate your future.

Classical Languages (CLLA)

Classical Languages

Classical Languages provide the key to unlocking the literary achievements of the ancient world. They allow you to engage directly with the compelling works of the greatest poets, politicians, philosophers, and playwrights, as well as with the voices of people in the street. The study of Classical Languages will enhance your command of English grammar and written expression — an enormous benefit for any field of study or future career.

At an advanced level, Greek and Latin are essential for developing a well-informed understanding of the civilisations of Greece and Rome, and vital for the pursuit of Medieval Studies. Students interested in either research or a career in Classics, Ancient History, or Medieval Studies will need to acquire at least one classical language relevant to their specific field of interest.

Ancient History (ANCH)

Ancient History

Ancient History explores the unforgettable story of the formative years of the Western World. Constantly fresh, frequently challenging, always entertaining, the study of Ancient History provides a fascinating journey through time to reveal the glories, grief, triumphs, and tragedies of the people, places, and practices of the Classical World. 

While studying Ancient History you will engage with questions about identity, continuity, change, and conflict in human society. Our units investigate the rich tapestry of the cultural achievements of the Classical World: the literature, law, art and architecture, political events, social institutions, thoughts and ideas that embody the civilisations of Greece and Rome.

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Our Classics and Ancient History courses are fully flexible, allowing students to study on-campus or online, and the discipline has one of the most active scholarship and seminar programmes at UNE.

Our staff are experienced, internationally respected scholars, dedicated to providing quality teaching and research. Classics and Ancient History instils an ability to read carefully, think critically, analyse diverse evidence, develop cogent arguments, and communicate effectively. The discipline promotes creativity, problem solving, an appreciation of different cultures, and an active interest in world events — skills essential for both personal and professional development.

Courses and Units

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Dr Clemens Koehn: Honours and HUMS508 Coordinator
Trish Wright: School of Humanities Academic Coordinator 

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Clemens KoehnDiscipline Honours and HUMS Coordinator
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Anna SilvasSenior Research Fellow
The Academy Study Tour Program

The Discipline of Classics and Ancient History at the University of New England has developed an academic study tour program to complement the teaching program and research interests of its staff and students. The tours are open to university students, teachers, and interested members of the public, and may be undertaken by themselves (audit program) or in combination with a unit of study at UNE (academic program). Tour programs are offered subject to staff availability and sufficient participant interest. For the range of programs currently available, and those offered previously, please see our Tour Program.

Tour Programs

Ancient Rome and the Shadow of Vesuvius

Rome and the Shadow of Vesuvius

Museums of the world

Collecting Cultures: Libraries and Museums

Hadrian's wall

Walking Hadrian's Wall


The study of Classics and Ancient History provides an excellent grounding for a wide variety of careers. Graduates with Classics and Ancient History are in demand in a range of fields including advertising, business, education, entertainment, heritage management, intelligence gathering, marketing, public relations, and the service and tourism industries. Our graduates include administrators, advocates, analysts, educators, industry leaders, interpreters, journalists, librarians, managers, policy advisers, professional writers, public servants, publishers, and social commentators.

With training in Classics and Ancient History the possibilities are endless.

Partnerships and Networks

Classics and Ancient History at UNE is part of a vibrant and active wider community.  Some of our memberships and networks include:

The Australasian Society for Classical Studies

The Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens

The Australian Academy of the Humanities

Support Classics at UNE

Classics and Ancient History at UNE owes much to the generous bequests and donations made by graduates and friends. Just some of these include a tenured lectureship in Latin and contributions for student scholarships and prizes. Find out how to support Classics and Ancient History at UNE.

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For further information about Classis and Ancient History at UNE please contact:

Dr Tristan Taylor, Discipline Convenor, Classics and Ancient History