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Indigenous culture and STEM subjects go hand in hand, mathematician tells students

Indigenous culture goes hand in hand with science, technology engineering and maths (STEM), according to a mathematician who is encouraging more young Aboriginal people to study the subjects.

Indigi Lab:

The Mission of Indigi Lab is to provide education, training, and opportunities for Indigenous communities in science, technology and innovation space.

Example of Indigi Lab’s projects:

Indigi Lab’s Boomerang to the Drone program inspires Indigenous Youth

Traditional Indigenous games resource

Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games. Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games is an activity resource of over 100 traditional Indigenous Australian games created to provide all Australians with an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and experience aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Indigenous inventions

Fish traps at Brewarrina

The Ngemba people of Brewarrina used their advanced knowledge of river hydrology and fish ecology to trap and catch large numbers of fresh water fish. The unusual and innovative fish traps, known as Ngunnhu, are still visible in the Darling River, and have strong social, cultural and spiritual association for Aboriginal people with connections to the area.

Aboriginal inventions: 10 enduring innovations

These inventions and innovations are among the earliest known in the world and helped Aboriginal people survive Australia's harsh conditions.

Indigenous astronomy

Astronomy didn’t start with the Greeks, Indigenous Australians were the first astronomers in the world:

Five ways Indigenous science is helping to understand the world:

Did you know that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been employing scientific methods of data collection, such as observation and experimentation, for tens of thousands of years – long before western science came to Australia?

As the world’s oldest continuous living cultures, Indigenous Australians are renowned for their historic and enduring high-level science inquiry skills.

Because we want to inspire the next generation of Aboriginal scientists and Torres Strait Islander scientists we thought we would share five of our favourite projects that rely on Indigenous scientific knowledge.

Map making and navigation

Dreaming of Maps

Aboriginal people were our first cartographers or mapmakers.

Australian Screen (2000) Painting Country.

Aboriginal paintings feature maps of a specific area, mythology, personal history and storytelling.