Teaching and research are at the heart of what we do at the Oorala Aboriginal Centre.

Grace GillardOorala supports and is involved in a range of research projects across UNE which contribute to our understanding of community, identity and culture. Our academics make significant contributions to these projects and are engaged in conversations across the faculties at UNE.

We support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students interested in UNE higher degree research programs and provide opportunities for students to broaden their horizons. We work closely with organisations offering scholarship opportunities for these students, such as the Aurora Indigenous Scholars International Study Tour.

Oorala hosts the Oorala Research Seminar Series which offers a space to promote the work of UNE students and staff as well as Community members and visiting academics.

Our Study Units

Importantly, we also teach into mainstream UNE courses (Health, Social Work, Education…) offering non-Indigenous students an opportunity to explore the history and unique culture of Australia’s First Peoples, in our units OORA100/300 Aboriginal Resilience and the Arts, and OORA200/400 Working with Aboriginal People.

Entry Pathways

Our entry pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students provide a platform for equal access to university for our people, building upon existing skills to ensure you are confident and ready to study in UNE’s broad range of undergraduate programs.

  • The TRACKS Tertiary Preparation Program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • The Internal Selection Program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Oorala Research Seminar Series

The Oorala Research Seminar Series (ORSS) is a vehicle to host visiting speakers at Oorala. In recent years it has expanded to include the research and experiences of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander UNE students, staff and Community members. Originally this ran as the Oorala Lecture Series in the early decades of the Oorala Centre and featured staff, Community members and visiting academics.

VC’s Indigenous Research Fellowship

The VC's Indigenous Research Fellowship is a research-only fellowship position, the result of a partnership between Oorala Aboriginal Centre and Research Services. The aim of the fellowship is to provide support to an Aboriginal researcher to successfully complete their PhD and produce high-quality research.