Writing a book proposal for the Education discipline

A School of Education seminar presented on July 29th, 2015 by Professors Margaret Sims and Neil Taylor

The School of Education Research Training Working Group (RTWG) have invited two School of Education academics, Professor Margaret Sims and Professor Neil Taylor, to discuss their experiences in the arena of publishing; specifically writing book proposals. Both have numerous publications and varied experiences in the field. They will share their stories, advice and also invite the audience to ask questions.

Our Speakers

Margaret is Professor of Early Childhood. She has written a number of books (and argues vehemently about the classification of these as text books or research books!) and has worked with a range of different publishers. She does not consider herself an expert on book proposals (having had more refused than accepted) but is happy to talk about the trials and tribulations.

Neil Taylor was a secondary science teacher in Jamaica and the United Kingdom before moving into teacher education. Since then he has worked at the University of the South Pacific and the University of Leicester before moving to Australia. His research interests include teaching and learning in Education for Sustainability and science and environmental education in non-western contexts.