Liam’s Story…. So why do I wear Dad’s medals?

A School of Education seminar presented on April 29th, 2015 by Marg Baber, Kim Porter, Madeline Fussell & Suzan Feez

Action and Mosaic approach research: How it has been used to identify and create a classroom resource to use in inquiry based history teaching (NTRO)
Liam’s Story…. So why do I wear Dad’s medals?
A new children's book that is the culmination of research by three UNE lecturers in Education and a fourth has assisted as editor and has contributed to the teaching notes the company the book.
Thus the project is a collaboration between Early Childhood (Marg Baber), Social Science (Primary) [Madeline Fussell; Kim Porter] and English (Primary)[Susan Feez] resulting in a book that assists children from 4 - 12yrs to understand the ANZAC story and the relevance of this story to people today.
The book explores a contemporary viewpoint and addresses local, national and the global perspectives. The book has involved partnerships and collaboration with community and charity organisations and representatives from State, Catholic and Independent Education sectors.
Teaching notes are available to assist both parents and educators to use the book as a platform for further learning.
The "Liam’s Story" book can be obtained form Pademelon Press.



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