Ethics Applications at the University of New England

A School of Education seminar presented on September 16th, 2015 by Jo-Ann Sozou

Have you ever wondered whether you would need an Expedited Review Application or a Non-Expedited Review Application in order for you to proceed to undertake research? Do you know when to use Expedited Review Applications and do you know how to complete one? What about research students? Do they need to undergo ethics applications for their research? Aside from the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of UNE, what other entities do I need to take note of in order to obtain the necessary ethics approvals for my research?
This seminar-workshop addresses all these questions. Guidelines, timelines as well as bylines that all of us need to remember when undertaking an ethics application will be discussed in this seminar-workshop. Issues, challenges and puzzles that you have encountered while undertaking ethics applications will be explained in the most practical and relevant manner in this seminar-workshop.
Our Speaker:
Mrs Jo-Ann Sozou is the Research Ethics Officer of the Research Development and Integrity unit of the Research Services Directorate. Jo-Ann comes with years of experience in guiding seasoned and beginning academics in the intricacies of ethics applications.