Decolonising Knowledge and Rethinking Education

A School of Education seminar presented on March 4th, 2015 by Professor Emerata Raewyn Connell

In the last ten years there has been growing interest, across the social sciences, in the problem of global inequalities and coloniality in knowledge formation and circulation.
This problem is being made more acute by the tightening grip of neoliberal management on university systems. In this talk I will explore the general problems posed by the global economy of knowledge, and contemporary debates about them; then discuss how this impacts on the study of education. Since education systems are themselves knowledge institutions, this is not a matter of academic concern only. Practical and policy questions immediately arise. Among them: the place of indigenous and Southern knowledges in school curricula, the politics of international testing regimes, the impact of global markets in higher education, and the agendas of teacher education in a deeply unequal world.



Powerpoint quick view