Analysing Data: Practitioners' Perspectives

A School of Education seminar presented on October 14th, 2015 by Vicente Reyes, Sofia Mavropoulou and Subba Reddy

This presentation is designed to provide practical insights in relation to an important component of research: data analysis. Using the perspectives of the speakers as research practitioners, this presentation hopes to impart useful and relevant information in relation to the challenges that researchers face in making sense of data analysis.
Sofia will be presenting the use of SPSS with a database of a group of participants and provide examples of observational studies with two groups and repeated measures design.
Subba will talk about cross-sectional models and panel data analysis using STATA. Subba will also show how STATA can be used to generate regression output tables for a series of models.
Vicente will share his experiences of using qualitative data analysis software (i.e. NVivo) in generating meaningful findings from interviews and focused group discussions.

Our Speakers
Dr Sofia Mavropolou is with the Special and Inclusive Education team, School of Education, UNE.
Dr Subba Reddy Yarram is with the School of Business, UNE
Dr Vicente Reyes is with the Social Science team, School of Education, UNE.