A Road Less Travelled: Ethnic minority education and the pursuit toward identity and belonging in Inner Mongolia

A School of Education seminar presented on August 8th, 2013 by Professor Sude, Dean of Minzu University of China, Ms Tana, visiting scholar from Inner Mongolia Normal University and introduced by Dr Brian Denman

This concept paper gives attention to Inner Mongolia, one of five Autonomous Regions of Mainland China. It begins with a meso-analysis and review of ethnic minority education, exploring how ethnic minority education works inMainland China, with emphasis placed on pedagogy, resources, and instruction. It concludes with how the disadvantages of trilingualism, educational equity, and resilience can lead to opportunity for engagement and advantage.Professor Sude is Dean of Minzu University of China, whose area of specialty is ethnic minority education in mainland China. Ms Tana, who has been at UNE for six months (March to September 2013), is our Visiting Scholar from Inner Mongolia Normal University. Her area of speciality is on trilingualism and education reform in Inner Mongolia.Professor Sude will be visiting UNE's School of Education in mid-August to collaborate on an international grant application tentatively entitled, From Educational Disadvantage to Advantage: Cultural ecology, ethnic minority identity, and educational equity in Inner Mongolia. The aim of the grant is to improve educational attainments of Inner Mongolian students throughinternational cooperation, capacity building, and curricular reform.

Professor Sude's presentation: powerpoint quick view