East Timor – adult education

An investigation into the contribution of the national adult education system to the post-conflict reconstruction and development of East Timor

Chief Investigators: Dr BG Boughton; Dr R Spence

Administering Organisation: The University of New England

Collaborating/Partner Organisations: DRTL Ministry of Education & Culture; DRTL Ministry of Labour & Community Reinsertion; Linga Longa Inc.

Project Summary
This project will improve our understanding of the society and culture of our closest neighbour, East Timor, and of the dynamics of aid and development in our region. The Australian adult education community will learn to interact more effectively with the development process in Timor, as we pilot an approach which may be applicable in other communities, particularly ones with histories of conflict and where poverty is a major issue. Funding agencies will benefit from understanding better how to target adult education aid to achieve poverty reduction and democratic development. The project will strengthen the capacity of the government of East Timor to use adult education policy to raise living standards in their country.