Culturally fair assessment practices

Developing culturally-fair assessment practices to achieve greater equity and success for Indigenous students

Chief Investigators: Prof V Klenowski; Dr Stephen Tobias; Dr K Martin; Ms TG Gertz; Ms EB de Vries

Administering Organisation: Queensland University of Technology

Other Universities: The University of New England

Collaborating/Partner Organisations: Catholic Education Diocese of Townsville; Independent Schools Queensland

Project Summary
This study will provide a model to build teachers' assessment capacity to address the major problem of underperformance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in regional Australia. In comparison with other developed countries, Australia is underperforming in relation to engaging students from disadvantaged groups.

This research will advance knowledge about how to develop more culturally-fair assessment tasks using curriculum that embeds Indigenous perspectives and culturally-sensitive pedagogy. Assessment to improve young Indigenous Australian's educational performance will help them succeed in schooling to acquire skills for a more secure, economic, social and cultural future.