Criminology Careers

A degree in Criminology or Criminology/Law will open the door to a wide range of exciting and rewarding careers in areas such as:

  1. Criminal justice system (courts, corrections, probation and parole)
  2. Law enforcement (AFP, NSW Police, Customs and border protection)
  3. Crime prevention (public sector, local Councils, NGOs)
  4. Research and teaching (via honours and postgraduate study)
  5. Policy making (policy advisors, government)
  6. Community agencies (child protection, social work)
  7. Media.

Talk with your lecturers who can advise on future career options and suggest what units you could take.For some careers you may need to study additional areas such as psychology, science, law or social work

Criminal Justice System
  • The CJS is second only to the Health Services as the highest government agency employer.
  • Courts: Occupations include: Legal tipstaves and researchers who conduct legal research on behalf of judges; court administrators, court support workers, Family Court Counsellor.
  • Corrections: Corrections Departments in each state and territory offer careers in correctional centres, probabtion and parole and juvenile justice agencies such as:
  • Correctional officer
  • trade overseer: educating prisoners
  • Community Corrections (a growing area probation and parole officer)
  • compliance and monitoring officer
  • program facilitator
  • program officer – services and programs officer, alcohol and other drug worker, welfare officer
  • accommodation support officer
  • Immigration detention centres
  • Parole officer.
Law Enforcement


  • State, territory and Federal Police Services are always recruiting new staff. As policing is becoming increasingly specialized, there is a wide variety of careers within policing. Recruitment information is available on the websites of each police agency.
  • Customs and border protection
  • Customs Agent/Inspector.


  • Refugee Detention Centre
  • Refugee advocate
  • Intelligence
  • Peace Corp.
Crime Prevention
  • Private security
  • Private Investigator
  • Consumer safety officer
  • Security Consultant
  • Corporate and white collar crime
  • Fraud analyst/investigation
  • Insurance: Fraud/Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Airline Security Specialist
  • Community crime prevention officer with local government
  • Crime prevention specialist
  • Cybercrime: Computer Crime Specialist.
Research and Teaching
  • Criminologist: Academic/ Researcher (Australian Institute of Criminology, Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Crime and Misconduct Commission)
  • Crime Consultant
  • Anti Crime Commission.
Policy Making


  • Public servant/ Policy Advisor/ Policy Researcher
  • Justice administration: State and Federal Attorney General's Departments
  • Anti-corruption bodies
  • Anti-discrimination bodies
  • Environmental protection and regulation: Conservation Officer
  • Secret Service Agent ASIO.
Community Agencies
  • Non-Government agencies: Service provision
  • Alternative Dispute Regulation: Legal Aid; Community mediation
  • Child protection/ Caseworker
  • Drugs: treatment centres/policy/Counsellor/Educator/Researcher
  • Youth Worker
  • Rehabilitation
  • Crisis centres: Domestic Violence shelter/Safe house or youth refuge
  • Sexual Assault Prevention/Counsellor/ Educator
  • Victim support.
  • Crime writer.