Weed Management for the Australian vegetable industry

Weeds are a persistent problem for many vegetable producers in Australia. The common features of vegetable cropping systems, including frequent cultivation, irrigation, and the addition of large quantities of nutritional inputs, mean that the potential for weed growth is high. Weeds have a significant impact on crop profitability, yield and quality, and crop management.

Fat hen (Chenopodium album)

Fat hen (Chenopodium album), a heavily seeding annual or biennial broadleaf weed in vegetable crops

In consultation with the Australian industry we sought to identify:

  • the most important weed species in Australian vegetable production and the methods currently used to control them,
  • gaps in current knowledge of weed control,
  • potential lessons from other industries, and
  • the most important research, development and extension (RD&E) issues.

The project involved a review of the literature, a national survey of vegetable farmers, focus groups and farm visits in major vegetable producing regions across Australia, and key informant interviews.

This project was funded by Horticulture Australia Limited


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