Animal Science and Systems


Our research sub-themes are centered on integrated themes involving the various disciplines of animal science which are listed as particular staff interests, e.g. genetics, nutrition, health and reproduction, physiology, behaviour, and products: fibre, meat, eggs.

Ultimately, we are looking for ways to produce food and fibre from animals in an efficient and sustainable manner both within Australia and internationally. We are also seeking to better understand the care and management of companion animals.

Production efficiency and carbon management

Livestock industries globally will need to make continuous productivity gains to remain competitive and meet growing demand for animal products. Improvement of feed efficiency has re-emerged as a key industry objective for all livestock species and there is a global awareness that livestock have significant impacts on carbon emissions. Understanding, managing and mitigating impacts is a key focus of the animal science group.

Integrated health and welfare

Animal health and welfare are key issues that constrain production and limit efficiency and sustainability of livestock production. This sub-theme creates a focus on ways in which genetics, nutrition, disease control and behavior of animals can be managed to improve animal well-being in livestock and companion animals.

Livestock and product quality

A key driver of consumption of animal product in Western cultures is associated with product quality and this theme focuses on ways in which product quality can be manipulated/improved. This can include basic genetics, nutrition, physiology as well as management strategies and is an area of applied research often funded by industry.

Staff research interests

  • animal genetics & breeding
  • animal health
  • animal nutrition
  • animal physiology
  • animal production
  • companion animals
  • meat science
  • sheep & wool science
  • poultry science

Individual staff and their research interests

Animal Science Seminar Series

Featuring presentations from UNE staff and postgraduate students, and guest presenters. Find out more about the Animal Science Seminar Series.

Research groups

Canine and Equine Research Group

Increase our knowledge and understanding of the Canidae and Equidae, both wild and domestic, with a primary focus on improving health, welfare and management... 

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Our research in genetics at UNE covers many areas of genetic analysis and applications...

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International Graduate Centre of Animal Science

A consortium of the University of New England, The University of Western Australia, and CSIRO Livestock Industries...

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Poultry Hub

Poultry Hub (was Poultry CRC) is based at the University of New England, and its major challenge is to help Australia achieve sustainable, ethical poultry production in the face of population growth and climate change.

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Sustainable Farming

A focus on global, national and regional sustainability...

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