Plant, Soil and Environment Systems

Without healthy green plants we would neither breathe nor eat. Of all the food the world requires each year, most comes from plants, which synthesise it out of air, sunlight, water and soil. The remainder comes from animal products, which in turn are derived from plants. The researchers working within the Plant, Soil and Environment Systems (PSES) theme in the School of Environmental and Rural Science at UNE are finding ways to retain and improve the health and productivity of these plant, soil and environment systems for our current and future needs.

Cotton Hub at UNE

View of a cotton fieldCross disciplinary research on the issues affecting production of sustainable cotton now and over the coming decades...

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Organic Research Group

Two people standing in the middle of a vegetable farm paddockA number of organic research and industry development activities are underway at UNE...

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Pollution Science Research Group

Derelict mine rehabilitation and monitoringWe focus on pollutants in soils: their processing and cycling, interactions, their effects, managing risks and remediation, with specific interest in comparative arsenic and antimony ecotoxic effects and biogeochemistry...

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Sustainable Farming

A focus on global, national and regional sustainability...

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Terrestrial Carbon Research Group

View of a national parkApplying rigorous science to questions relating to the storage, distribution and cycling of carbon in the terrestrial system...

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Weed Science

Serrated tussock weed plants in a pastureThe primary focus for weed research in this group is weed ecology and plant competition as the basis for designing appropriate and effective weed management strategies, which place less reliance on herbicides...

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