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Napoleon once said that 'History paints the human heart'. He was right! History provides the key to understanding ourselves and others. Knowledge of the past helps us interpret human behaviour and society, allowing us to account for the origins and nature of our modern world, while preparing us to better understand how we might evolve in the future. History is also fun. It is one of the oldest, most essential and most rewarding components of a liberal education, providing fertile ground for contemplation and imagination

Studying history will empower you as an independent thinker. The skills of a historian include the capacity to critically assess various kinds of evidence, to navigate and evaluate varied, often conflicting interpretations, to engage in debates and construct coherent arguments, while appreciating the complexities of human behaviours and organizations. These important abilities and qualities are the fundamental pillars of local, national, and global citizenship. Moreover, they are increasingly attractive to a wide range of potential employers, and so help prepare us for variety of work and professional situations. By teaching us 'who we are, and why we are the way we are', history, as David C. McCulloch noted, 'is a guide to navigation in perilous times'.

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