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Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 

"Who let the dogs in? A review of the recent genetic evidence for the introduction of the dingo to Australia and implications for the movement of people"

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
– Melanie Fillios & Paul S.C Tacon (2016)

Archaeology is the study of human behaviour through the recovery and analysis of artefactual and environmental traces.  Drawing on both the humanities and the sciences this discipline aims to extract the maximum amount of information from the incomplete remains of the human past.

Archaeology at UNE has a strong national and international reputation for research across a diverse range of areas, from the discovery of the "Hobbit" in Indonesia, to studies of the Aboriginal past and historical and maritime archaeologies in the Australia-Pacific region, to the investigation of trade and exchange in the eastern Mediterranean. We are also leaders in the delivery of archaeology in distance education mode. Whether you have a passing interest in archaeology or are determined to become a practicing archaeologist, our undergraduate programs are well suited to the needs of internal and external students. We recognize that study for external students is typically a juggling act between competing demands. For these students our courses are designed to be flexible and motivating to encourage "wrap around study" in relation to the demands of home and work.

For students considering graduate studies Archaeology at UNE has a long and successful history of research at honours and PhD level.   As active researchers and experienced graduate supervisors we are well aware of the pressures graduate students can encounter during their candidature. We are committed to ensuring graduate success through all stages of the process from initiating well-resourced and viable research projects to final write up and beyond! Don't hesitate to contact one of us to discuss your graduate interests further.

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