International partners

UNE has close relationships with many overseas partners. We define these longstanding relationships through formal agreements. Our partnerships enable academic, research and resource exchange, giving our students more opportunities.

Advanced Standing Agreements

If you are an international student studying at an overseas institution, you might be able to apply for credit towards a UNE course. Credit arrangements are possible because of Advanced Standing Agreements.

To make these agreements work, we 'curriculum match'. Matching means that we compare the course level, assessment and content of your course to one of our courses to make sure it's a good fit.

Sometimes, the process of matching involves UNE academic and promotional visits. Even in cases when visits aren't required, UNE monitors the performance of students who have applied for advanced standing. We give regular feedback to our partners about how their students are doing at UNE. We also feed these findings back into our course design.

UNE currently has agreements with the following institutions:

  • Henan Agricultural University
  • Qingdao Technological University Qindao College
  • Wuxi South Ocean College

Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs)

MoUs are 'in-principle' agreements to co-operate with an overseas institution. UNE only signs MoUs with institutions where co-operation is strategic to both institutions. Co-operation may be for academic exchange, joint research and resource sharing.

Scholarship Agreements

UNE signs Scholarship Agreements with the Australian Government and a range of overseas funding bodies. These agreements give overseas students the chance to study at UNE on scholarship.

Exchange and Study Abroad Agreements

Exchange Agreements allow UNE students and overseas students to study part of their degree overseas. Exchange partners waive tuition fees. With each agreement, UNE monitors the number of incoming and outgoing students to ensure we maintain balance.

Study Abroad Agreements provide the same study opportunities as an exchange. However, tuition fees apply. Study Abroad Agreements are often signed instead of Exchange Agreements when there won't be a balance between incoming and outgoing students.

Find out more about study abroad or exchange opportunities for overseas students.

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